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Buying an oil filled heater is not an easy task because there are many different models and brands available to choose from.

If you are like me, then you certainly want to buy the best oil filled radiator with excellent heating efficiency and great value for the money invested, both short and long term.

Luckily, you are at the right place, because among my long & deep research of 20 oil-filled radiators, I’ve chosen the PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater.

It’s great value for the money, it’s a bestseller with more than four hundred 5 star reviews, and it is the best oil filled radiator heater.

The manufacturer’s list price is around $80, so if you can get it under $70, go get it. With so many positive reviews, that’s really a great deal on this best-selling oil-filled heater.

Also, be sure to check the current prices by clicking the link below and read all the oil-filled radiator heater reviews!

05 pelonis digital radiator with remote control ny1507 14a

Top 7 Oil Filled Radiator Heaters with Reviews for 2024

1. Pelonis Digital Radiator with Remote Control – Model NY1507-14A

05 pelonis digital radiator with remote control ny1507 14a

Extreme chilly weather conditions are a normal experience only in the arctic circles.

The rest of the locations away from the equator experience only harsh chills and during the winter period.

The perfect solution to this glaring condition is the Pelonis oil filled heater that completely eliminates the cold without any burning sensation on you.

The Pelonis oil filled heater is a heat radiator consisting of a series of fixed supports with open spaces between them that are attached to the base and fronted with control settings.

The heater is connected to normal home electricity with a plug and is mobile meaning it can be moved to any room for warming services.

The handles the heater possess enhances its portability and for an excellent use, you can carry bit in your room when the cold comes knocking. The heater also incorporates a 10-hour up timer that makes it user-friendly and is also remotely controlled.

The electrical connection of the heater is directed to a resistor which converts electrical energy to heat. The heat generated is thereby absorbed by the oil enclosed in the heater. The warmed up oil begins to circulate through the columns and fins transferring the heat energy to the metal at the fins. The heat fins create a uniform surface temperature that radiates heat in the room or where the heater is. The heat radiated is thus circulated throughout the room naturally.

The Pelonis oil filled heater is a no noisy fan, doesn’t dry up the air moisture and is also energy efficient from the use of a diathermic oil. After its operation, the heater is slow to cool and upon reaching the user set temperature, the heater is controllable by a thermostat that automatically switches off the heater. It is also compact and portable with its oil irreplaceable. However, it takes a relatively long time to heat up than the ordinary heaters and also heat produced is given by a blast.


For your home heating, outdoor events and in the extreme cold weathers, the Pelonis Oil Filled Heater is your best partner as it is specifically tailored to meet your child needs.

With a customizable control panel and remote control command, the heater becomes your sincere servant.

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2. DeLonghi Digital with Silent Operation – Model TRRS0715E

02 delonghi digital with silent operation

Winters are dreaded because they bring along an overdose of cold which makes your living space unbearable.

Nobody wants to have to go through this.

That is why the Delonghi oil filled heater is what you need to keep the crackling cold at bay.

It is tailor-made for people looking for convenience from a home appliance as they try to keep warm and cozy during the cold season.

The Delonghi oil filled heater is a handy heating device which you can digitally program to fit your schedule and promises to rid your home of the unwanted winter cold in style.

It is ideal for people with small to medium houses where the rooms aren’t far apart. It may not be necessary for persons living in areas with a relatively warm climate. 

Features & Benefits

  • The Delonghi oil filled heater packs 1500 watts of power and operates silently and odorless while providing instant heating to the room. This ensures a comfortable and warm environment for you to enjoy. 
  • It has a sealed reservoir made from high quality patented steel that requires no refills, guaranteeing you durability without any maintenance requirements.
  • An adjustable timer and thermostat allow you to customize your heating preferences digitally making this device quite convenient and up to date.
  • The heater boasts a thermal cutoff and anti-freeze setting which are crucial safety features necessary to prevent accidents and keep the pipes from freezing.
  • An ECO function ensures that you conserve energy by adjusting the heat setting to just the required warmth. Finally, smart-snap wheels ensure that there is no assembly required for the heater.

One disadvantage it has is that it gets very hot to the touch with time and you need to keep it away from pets and children to avoid burns.


  • It has a very convenient functionality
  • It is easy to operate
  • It also saves energy
  • It is long-lasting


  • Not safe for kids or pets


The Delonghi oil filled heater will ensure that you have no cold spots in the entirety of your living space making it necessary if you plan to fend off the cold of winter.

It mixes versatility and convenience to give you the ideal heating appliance.

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3. Insignia Black – Model HTRFBK6

01 insignia black

The Insignia Oil Filled Heater is sleekly designed to act as a perfect home heating machine.

With radiator heater, you can be assured of comfortability during the cold seasons as it has the ability to supply room warmth up to 144sq.

The heater is also ideal for office heating as it doesn’t occupy much space.

When placed at the corner of your office, you’ll enjoy the warmth all-day!

Well, the winter season can be a bit traumatizing for you and your family! Right? Cool, I’ll give you details about the perfect lifesaver, that’s the Insignia Oil Filled Heater.

The Radiator heater is the eco-friendly model that heats up to 144sq making it ideal for home and office use.

Amazingly, it features a tip-over switch that helps increase safety during operation. However, it’s not suitable for rooms measuring above 144sq as it might take a long time to heat your room. 

Features & Benefits

Insignia Oil Filled Heater comes with a lot of cool features to give you immense benefits while ensuring your house is kept at the right warmth all the time.

Now let’s look at some of the benefits you will enjoy from the top-end features brought by the heater.

  • It features a safety switch. The tip-over switch basically helps increase your safety while operating it. Thus, you can rest at peace knowing the heater is providing the adequate warmth while taking your family and colleagues safety at heart.
  • It has got carrier wheels at the bottom. The wheels help in moving it around the house when you need to heat up specific rooms fast.
  • The heater has a 12.5 Amperes radiator, 1500 Watts, and 120 Volts. This helps ensure enough heat is radiated in your house at all times to warm the whole 144sq.
  • A remote control. With the remote control, you are able to comfortably control the heating options from the comfort of your sofa, this helps bring easiness and increase efficiency.


  • The heater doesn’t overheat at the bottom part
  • Can heat up to 144sq 
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • thumbs-upIt’s perfect for both outdoor or indoor use
  • thumbs-upHeats up very fast


  • It could be a little bit heavy but has got carrier wheels to ease on movement.


With the Insignia Oil Filled Heater, you can be assured your home temperature will be ideal for your stay during the winter seasons. However, it’s advisable you dress warmly as the cold season can at times be harsh. 

The heater gives you the right room temperature while keeping your comfort and safety at heart.

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4. Honeywell Digital Radiator

03 honeywell digital radiator

Digital Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater comes as the ultimate solution to your home heating needs.

Basically, this heater is designed with a number of features aimed at the general convenience and the level of functionality is somewhat enhanced.

If you are living in a considerably small room that loses not more than 5,000 BTUs per hour, then this is suitable home heating equipment for you.

However, it might not be the best choice for individuals with larger rooms measuring more than 11 x 16 or having more than seven windows. 

Features & Benefits

We have analyzed a number of salient features to help you make a sound decision as you plan to purchase your room heater.

  • To start with, this Honeywell oil filled heater has a perfectly adjustable thermostat with two temperature settings to enable you select your preferable heating rate. Depending on the amount of heat you would like to restore in your room, the two options are convenient and give you an ample chance to decide the rate at which you want your room to heat it.
  • 1 to 12 hour timer on this convenient home heating appliance allows you freedom to pursue other activities while your room heats at a predetermined rate, after which to auto-shuts, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the ambience of your room regardless of the outside temperatures.
  • When it comes to its operational mechanism, most previous consumers have testified excellence as far as this incredible equipment is concerned. It operates so silently that it is no hassle using in the office. As such we strongly recommend it for both home and office use. Additionally, the heater is leak-free, owing to its machine-welded operation, a feature that is geared towards user-convenience.
  • Last but not least, this great appliance from Honeywell is efficient and effective when it comes to operation mechanism. It is easy to operate and large enough to handle. This is attributed to its easy glide wheels and the luggage-style handle that is easy to pull.


  • Easy to operate
  • It works silently thus convenient for office work
  • Heats up very fast 
  • Remains hot for a long time


  • Not long-lasting home heating equipment 
  • Unfriendly return policy
  • Not perfect as some customers complain of defects


In a nutshell, temperature regulation through heating is imperative to your health as well as general comfort, which is why you need this efficient equipment both at home and in your office.

We have deemed Honeywell oil-filled heater the ultimate solution to your home heating equipment because of its high level of efficiency, convenience, and easy-to-operate nature. 

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5. NewAir Oil-Filled Black Heater – Model AH-450B

04 newair oil filled black heater ah 450b

The winter season coincides with holidays and celebrations. The major downside of the falling snow is the drop in temperatures which can make that trip to your cabin very uncomfortable.

Also, what if you are in a college dorm room or in an office and your room’s temperatures are substantially low, what will you do?

The answer is to try to increase the room temperature with little or no hassle.

The NewAir AH-450B Electric Oil-Filled Portable Space Heater provides the solution and it is uniquely designed for you with a room of up to an area of 150 square feet that needs heating. 

This Newair radiator is an easily portable, fan-free, 7-inch radiator uniquely designed to quickly warm any small room. It promises to produce powerful, safe, and efficient heat within a given space area. 

This item when purchased, it comes with a user manual and a remote within its packaging.

Features & Benefits

  • It has a seven fin radiator design.  This design contributes to quickly warming up any small room. The warm temperature from the radiator is quickly dispersed to the room to increase its temperature. 
  • It has floor rollers and carrying handles.These features contribute to easy portability and transportation. They help the user to place the radiator at a convenient and ideal place in the room or transporting from room to room. The handle helps when moving the radiator around even when it is hot.
  • Super quiet operation.The radiator is fan-free which means it operates silently hence less noisy.
  • The radiator is fitted with overheat protection & a tip-over switch which ensures safety. There won’t be fire or smoke due to overheating.
  • The radiator has five temperature settings and three heat options which the user can switch between in order too arrive at the most ideal and convenient settings for them.


  • It is portable and easy to transport.
  • It is silent and noiseless when in operation.
  • It is safe to use and operate.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • It serves a small space as it has low BTU.
  • It is costly to run over a long period of use as electricity bills soar.


This winter as the temperatures decrease, your bedroom might need a heat increase to enable you to have a comfortable night’s sleep. Don’t let the chilly conditions prevent you from enjoying your day at the office or enjoying your sleep at night. 

The NewAir AH-450B Electric Oil-Filled Portable Space Heater is the ideal product to save you from the chills of the winter with its 7 fin radiator for quick heat dispersion, a noiseless operation so as not to wake you up or disturb you at work and the safety features ensuring no accidents a happen.

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6. Hurricane Radiant Heater – 1500W

06 hurricane radiant heater 1500w

For all the lovers of modern technology, highlife, and digital way of doing things, Hurricane presents relevant equipment that is consistent with your needs.

This radiator from Hurricane radiator has attracted the interest of the majority, and the non-gamblers are the most ideal users of this product, for it gives exactly what it promises. 

Hurricane radiant heater comes with a 1500 watts heating power that makes it a suitable heating appliance for the whole room. 

Added to the fact that the heater is ETL-listed and comes with one year warranty, you have all reasons to confidently purchase this product.

If you are not well versed with digital equipment, you may have to take time to acquaint yourself with the best way of using this product. Otherwise, you have to be updated with its functioning before purchasing it for your own safety.

Features & Benefits

  • As the name suggests, this is an ideal whole room digital heater which makes it possible to optimize the radiant amount heat, thus giving you the best results you can ever gain from a heater. In so doing, this ensures low-surface heating, and this is considered the best way to warm the house in cold climatic regions. 
  • A combination of digital features has won this equipment credibility and ranked it at the top position as far as home heating is concerned. Its digital control that features 3 settings and remote control mode of operation increases your convenience. You can simply select the temperature settings you desire by simply clicking a button and you’re done. 
  • Last but not least, this equipment features incredible design with a range of features right from the wheeled design that increases mobility and portability to the long-lasting make that assures durability, including everything else in-between. 


  • A digital equipment convenient for most users 
  • 1500 watts heating power generates maximum heat required for whole room heating
  • A durable equipment
  • A cost-effective alternative 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Loud, thus inconvenient for high concentration environment 
  • Difficult to adjust 


To wrap it up, Hurricane Heatwave Whole Room Digital Radiant Heater is among the leading models of a heating appliance, owing to its design and level of functionality.

First, it features important elements of modern technology.

Secondly, it is a convenient appliance and requires less effort to operate.

Thirdly, the design is great and promises a long-life service. There are many more features and benefits to enjoy if you purchase this equipment.

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7. Kenmore Radiator Heater White

07 kenmore radiator heater white

Kenmore presents a large-capacity oil filled radiator that has the potential to accomplish the needs of the owners of large rooms, whether residential or commercial.

The design of this incredible heating appliance from Kenmore is favorable for you if your desires are to upgrade your current smaller room heater that doesn’t maximally meet your needs.

Additionally, your room may be losing more heat than it previously used to, which is another reason to purchase this oil-filled radiator as a substitution to experience the ambience of your living and working environment.

Kenmore Oil-filled radiator heater is mostly preferred by the majority due to its great design and has additionally been praised for its level of simplicity.

The radiator heater comes with highly enhanced wheels that make it perfectly portable equipment.

Of course, its enhanced portability makes it ideal equipment to trans-locate from one room to another. Therefore, it would be most appropriate for the small-sized families living in a larger home, so that when you move, you move with this appliance.

With this in mind, this oil-filled radiator heater might not work perfectly for you if you own a very small room since its high rate of heat radiation is likely to result into overheating, causing more of discomfort than the comfort you desire. 

Features & Benefits

  • This product is well acknowledged among households due to its range of features, right from its great design to high level of functionality. First and foremost, the radiator is large enough to cater for multiple needs at the same time. Instead of purchasing two distinct smaller radiator room heaters, this is almost versatile equipment that caters for all your large-room heating needs collectively. 
  • The general design of the equipment is friendly as it features an attractive design punctuated by the white color and strength of construction. Once you purchase this appliance, you automatically gain a direct entry into comfort for several years to come. To be specific, of the previous consumers, none has complained of this product being counterfeit. Apart from a few bottlenecks that may arise from reckless use, the product itself remains indisputably strong if used with utmost care. 
  • Lastly, most users have enjoyed enhanced level of functionality of this product upon purchase. Whether you are a seasoned user or a beginner, you will actually find using this heater a no-hassle task. In fact, if you are an enthusiast in operating home appliances, Kenmore heater is ideal for you, because it requires you to be close to shut it off when your heating temperature is reached. 


  • It is convenient for large rooms
  • Features incredible design
  • Efficient Appliance


  • It is inconvenient for smaller rooms
  • It does not have auto-shut off option


In summary, Kenmore Oil-filled Radiator Heater is the ultimate choice for the solution of your needs if you own a large room or office.

It is further preferred due to its simplicity and great design as well as durability.

Despite the bottlenecks involved, buying this product is not a mere gamble but a sure bet. 

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How to Choose the Best Oil Filled Radiator Heater

An oil-filled heater is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways of keeping a room warm in cold weather conditions. It is beneficial to have one at your place. With benefits ranging from its safety to its effectiveness.

This comprehensive guide will assist you in knowing how to make the right choices when it comes to picking the right oil-filled radiator heater models. To make informed decisions on the matter.


Dangers cannot be eliminated totally when it comes to oil-filled radiators. Its inability to produce fumes or flames while generating heat makes the oil-filled radiators relatively safe to its users.

This is an important factor to consider when you are choosing oil-filled radiators. The user must ascertain that the oil filled radiators meet his or her safety standards.

Oil-filled radiators have built-in features to make it much safer.

These features include anti-frost, auto-shutdown, overheat protection, and anti-tipping detectors. A buyer can look into these features and find suitable oil filled radiators.

For more information read our ultimate safety guide for your oil filled radiator heaters.


Finding an oil filled radiator that is portable is a huge saving on the buyer’s side. This makes it unnecessary to purchase oil filled radiators for each and every room. This can be a considerable factor when making a purchase decision.

When making a choice on the best oil filled radiators you can compare the price and go for a less expensive one or the attractive and extravagant ones depending on your consumer tastes and preferences.

There are chances that consumers can acquire decent models at reasonable prices but still enjoy all the features.


The presence of a timer in oil filled radiators makes it an ideal heater for use. The timer definitely shoved the risk of the oil filled radiator overheating.

Most models have programmable 24-hour timers programmed to suit the need of the user. A user can choose the one that is best suited for their needs and preferences.


For individuals who focus more on the appearance and style that the oil filled radiators add to the room, then this is an important factor to consider when making a purchase decision.

You have the freedom to choose among the wide range of product design that the oil filled radiator offer.

With timers coming in many shapes and sizes, colors, and how they’re built. It gives it a modern look over the traditional stoves or ceramic types.


Modern oil filled radiators have been built with timers and heat settings. This provides optimal energy-saving qualities.

Maximum heat is produced while it manages low surface temperature and is easy for the user to switch off.

Oil filled radiators can produce a full heating effect very fast depending on the unit they choose. The efficiency & cost to run the oil filled radiators greatly determine the choices a user would choose.


Depending on the user’s needs they may prefer one that is portable and compact. A number of oil filled radiators are lightweight and portable given their small sizes.

Some designs are meant to be transported with carrying handles or movable wheels. Some are completely immovable and suitable for places where it’s unnecessary to keep moving it, like public rooms.

Not only can you choose one that fits your budget but perfectly fits the room that it is intended for.

Area covered

The user must have an image of the rooms that need to be heated in mind when purchasing oil filled radiators.

The number of watts produced by the oil filled radiator determined the area it will be able to cover. The power produced determines the effectiveness.

Once the size of the room is known suitable oil filled radiators can be chosen.

After reading this probably now users have all the needed information to make the right choice when it comes to oil filled radiators.

Oil filled radiators are solutions to an old problem. Raising room temperatures at costs that the users are comfortable with.

Oil filled radiators have been used for ages and are still being used. This is because of its effectiveness and low costs of heating.

Making the right decision on which make or model to purchase is essential.


What makes an oil-filled radiant heater better than a ceramic or convector heater for a living room?

Oil-filled radiant heaters are often considered better for living rooms due to their ability to provide consistent, long-lasting heat without drying the air, unlike ceramic or convector heaters. They operate quietly, making them suitable for spaces where comfort and noise control are priorities.

How do oil-filled space heaters compare to portable electric heaters in terms of energy efficiency and heat distribution?

Oil-filled space heaters are generally more energy-efficient than standard portable electric heaters. They heat up slowly but retain heat longer, providing a more even heat distribution. Electric heaters, like ceramic or convector models, may offer quicker heat but often at the expense of higher energy consumption.

Are oil-filled heaters safe to use in areas like the kitchen or near water sources?

While oil-filled heaters are generally safe, caution is advised when using them in areas like the kitchen or near water sources. Ensure they have safety features like overheat protection and keep them away from flammable materials or water splashes for optimal safety.

What features should I look for in the best space heaters for easy storage and control in smaller spaces like apartments?

For the best space heaters suited for smaller spaces, look for compact design, adjustable controls for temperature, and timers for convenience. Features like easy storage, portable design, and effective room coverage are also important. Picks like the DeLonghi heater are often recommended for their balance of size, control, and efficiency.

Can oil-filled heaters also assist with cooling, or are they solely for heating purposes?

Oil-filled heaters are designed solely for heating purposes. They do not have cooling capabilities. For cooling, you would need to shop for products specifically designed for that purpose, such as fans or air conditioners.

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