Tips to Help You Decorate a Stylish Home Using Oriental Area Rugs

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Oriental rugs are beautiful hand-knotted carpets that have been around for decades. These popular rugs are made from materials such as wool, silk, and bamboo and include several intricate symbols. Oriental rugs originated from Asia and are commonly used to decorate your home. In recent years, these rugs have also been used by many interior designers as hanging wall art. 

There are several factors to think about when decorating your home with oriental rugs. This article will highlight a few tips to assist you with using oriental area rugs. 

tips to help you decorate a stylish home using oriental area rugs
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The Color and Pattern of the Rug

In most cases, oriental rugs become the feature piece of a room. Oriental rugs, such as Anatolian rugs, are vibrant, high-quality, and the first thing that will catch your attention when you walk into a room. Thus, when decorating your home, it will be best to ensure that the color of your furniture does not clash with the color and pattern of your oriental area rug. In most cases, the color and pattern of the oriental rug will help you decide on the type of furniture that will suit the room.

Oriental rugs come in many colors, including pink, blue, charcoal and beige. If your rug has a bright color such as navy blue or pink, you should try your best to choose furniture that suits the rug. This can include having neutral colors or the same color for couches, statement throw pillows, and other furniture. 

In addition to the color of the oriental rug, these rugs include different symbols such as squares, diamonds, and other geometric patterns. In most cases, the pattern on the rug mirrors where it was made. When choosing furniture with patterns, ensure the pattern is similar to those on the rug. This will help to avoid any clashes or contrasts. 

The Size of the Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs come in a range of shapes (runners, squares, circles) and sizes. The smaller oriental rugs start around 2 x 3 feet in size and can go up to 10 x 14 feet. The size of the oriental rug will determine where it can be placed in the room for the biggest impact. 

The smaller rugs are perfect if you want to use two or three rugs in a room. These rugs are best suited to be placed in front of a door in the living room, in front of a bathtub in a bathroom, or around your bed in the bedroom. 

The larger oriental rugs are more suited to be placed under tables or other types of furniture. For larger rugs, furniture is used as an anchor, which creates harmony and a cozy atmosphere. In these cases, ensure that at least two legs of the chair or table are on the rug at all times. In addition, for an area rug, there should be at least two inches of space on the rug behind the furniture. The long runner rugs are used for hallways and make the hallway look longer. 

the size of the oriental rug
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Additionally, these runners can be used to create a break in an open-plan room. The size of the rug is key to how your home will be decorated. Therefore, before buying an oriental rug, it will be best to have a general idea of how you plan to use it. 

Area Rugs to Protect the Floor

Oriental aren’t only great for decorative purposes; they can also be used to protect the flooring. Oriental rugs are generally a thick type of carpet. This can ensure that it can prevent tiled or wooden floors from being scratched, cracked or broken. Oriental area rugs are the perfect decorative piece for high-traffic areas such as the living room or home office. 

When using an oriental area rug, consider using rug pads as well. Rug pads are placed under the rug to prevent the rug from moving or slipping. These rug pads will create an extra layer of protection for the floor. 

Using Oriental Rugs as an Art Piece

A recent trend in interior design is to use oriental rugs as hanging wall art pieces. Oriental rugs have vibrant colors and patterns, making them the perfect pseudo painting for any room, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Using a rug as hanging wall art can also reduce sound in rooms with thin walls. This is perfect for rooms such as a home office to help drown out noise on calls and video meetings. 

The Key to Decorating With An Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs have been used as decorative pieces for decades. These types of rugs add character, vibrance and a sense of harmony to your home. However, styling a room using these rugs can be tricky due to the variety of patterns and colors. 

In this article, we have highlighted some of the factors that you should keep in mind when decorating your home using oriental rugs. 

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