The Top Design Trends for Equestrian Homes

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

What Is The Newest Trend in Equestrian Home Design?

What comes along with a household living atmosphere in an equestrian home is the horse barn. Horse owners are less likely to board their horses. They always seek safe shelter for their animals.

The latest equestrian trends in home design will encourage you to be a horse owner. As of now, home builders are moving one more mile to understand what heartens equestrian fanatics. The survey sums up that such a group of home buyers look for more beyond a huge greensward for animal relaxation. Aside from that, they want rustic horse decorations both inside and outside the house.

the top design trends for equestrian homes

7 Design Trends for Equestrian Homes in the US

Automated Cater

An automated feeding system has evolved to make sure the livestock in the stable does not run out of food. Horse owners know how beneficial fresh water is for their animals. As a consequence of better concern for horse health, most people avoid storing the feeding tray that may cause transmissible bacillus to horses like West Nile Virus.

Needless to say, designing an automated feed and water system for the stable helps both owners and their cobs. The operative allows setting the time and quantity of foodstuffs to release each time.   

7 design trends for equestrian homes in the us

Brighter Hues

A new trend of using bright color woods and pebbles in the horse area has set foot in equestrian real estate. Bright shades easily build custom luxury stables. Your horse zone will be unique, as well as similar to the modern vibe of farms. A bright barn mirrors back light. It’s not just you who is going to love it, the set up will stimulate your horse’s mood and energy.  

Pasture Land

All the daydreams about country life have come true for horses. A piece of pasture land is a nutrient supply of fatty acids for house-kept animals. Horses brought up on pasture have a lower chance of having COPD. With that in mind, some horse properties own acres of only pastures.

Equestrian Interior

Equestrian homeowners love to add a personal touch while designing their homes. Aside from building, households are incorporating equestrian style into wallpapers, paintings, furniture, chic artwork, and lampshades in keeping with the eclectic trend. The entire home interior shares your craze as a horse owner with guests.

Silk with Patterns

It is not just for saying, horse bit patterns are on the market. There are classic equestrian prints that can blow your mind if you know what it actually means. Luxury equestrian silks are being used as pillow covers or couch shrugs that communicate your taste.

Silver Accents

Silver has its own richness. More silver looks more equestrian. However, it took time for everyone to understand how to use the shade elegantly. Turning brown painting frames into silver will do something like magic. More like folding the old boring living room in 5 minutes. You can put some equestrian-inspired metallic pieces on the chest and hang a four-corner silver mirror case over it to follow the silver trend.

Palladian Style

Palladian-style homes are back with a classically updated appearance. It is a European architectural style that is quite popular for luxury equestrian properties with big land areas. Palladian horse house is the voice of your equestrian lifestyle. Every neighbor passing by will know there is a horse stable inside your house

Best Cities to Live with Horses

Ocala, Florida

Ocala is best known as the ‘World’s Horse Hub. Exploring equestrian homes in Ocala will reveal a new face of Florida to you. There is the most extensive collection of horseback riding zones and stables in the city. Besides residential real estate, the city offers horse training and breeding facilities. There are more than 1,200 farms, and you may always see someone on the back of a horse.

Ocala horse houses have every tiny accommodation that a horse owner can ask for. Horse-loving builders in the city have made every home the finest place to raise a family, as well as take up an equestrian lifestyle. The city has horse-friendly condos as well. Housing prices begin at a reasonable level in Ocala. You can lessen the price by choosing some of the most affordable neighborhoods of the city by 28% compared to the county average.

Brighton, Colorado

Brighton is a city of miles with equestrian trails. It is a decent location to live a horse life. 

Brighton’s equestrian real estate is not below affordability so you will not get priced out for getting a luxury home with a horse stable. Buying horse houses in Brighton has a good ROI. Your single investment will serve in pairs; luxury sustenance and comfortable life for the horse. 

Brighton is home to some top-class equestrian properties. The city builds homes for horse enthusiasts being cognizant of the necessity of close proximity to animals. Residing in such equestrian houses for residential purposes would let you enjoy the real horse owner’s life by grazing, nourishing, and rugging anytime you want.

Before you spend all your money, consult professionals. Especially if you are a new horse owner and want to set up the most comfortable equestrian lifestyle, it would be prudent to choose a field-experienced architect who can assist. You are encouraged to have proficient conversation skills because it really requires a lot of time with each other.

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