8 Interior Decorating Ideas for Luxury Apartments

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

You’re about to move into a brand-new luxury apartment, but you have no idea how to decorate it. How will you transform your apartment into a welcoming home?

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire an interior designer, these seven interior decorating ideas for luxury apartments should inspire you.

interior decorating ideas for luxury apartments

Define what luxury means to you before you start decorating

Before planning your decor scheme, define what luxury means to you. You’ll live in this apartment, so it should be decorated according to your definition of luxury and not anyone else’s.

Do you want your luxury apartment to feel bright and spacious or elegant and feature dark colours? Are you interested in minimalist decor, or would you prefer decorating with ornate patterns and opulent textures?

It’s up to you to set the mood for your interior decor.

Pick one style for a cohesive and luxurious decor

Interior decorating often involves simplicity. But that doesn’t mean you should paint all the walls of your apartment white and opt for a minimalist design if you don’t feel like it.

Simplicity is about creating a cohesive and intentional look, focusing on what is essential, and choosing a limited colour palette. So, no matter which decor style you prefer, consider decorating your entire luxurious apartment in the same style.

If you avoid clutter, your decor will be more cohesive and luxurious. Be sure you have plenty of storage options to prevent clutter by keeping your belongings organized and out of sight.

Consider a simple and neutral colour palette

Decorating your luxury apartment with a neutral colour palette is always an excellent idea. Remember that simplicity is luxurious.

Consider pairing white, grey, taupe, or beige with one deeper colour to accent your decor scheme. Black, navy blue, purple, or burgundy could add luxury to your decor. However, any colour works as long as you use it in moderation.

You could add your favourite colour to an accent wall in your apartment or shop for furniture or accessories in that colour.

Add just the right amount of furniture to each room

Whether you have a small luxury apartment or a spacious one, don’t overcrowd it with furniture. Visual clutter is not luxurious.

Consider the purpose of each room in your apartment or each zone you want to create if your apartment has an open layout. Consider how much furniture you need.

If your apartment is small, look for ways to maximize your space. Consider multipurpose furniture instead of adding too many pieces to each room.

Hang your curtains as high as you can

If the ceiling of your luxury apartment is not that high, you can make it appear higher than it is by hanging your curtains right below it. Instead of hanging them above your windows, this will make your apartment feel more spacious.

Another simple way to create more space is to hang large mirrors on your walls. They will make your luxury apartment look larger, and if you hang a mirror near a window, it will also brighten up your space by reflecting natural light all around.

Make a statement with your lighting fixtures

When it comes to interior decorating ideas for luxury apartments, you need to pay attention to your lighting fixtures. A large chandelier or a stylish floor lamp can make a luxurious statement.

However, different lighting types are essential in a luxury apartment. Consider ambient lighting, which illuminates an entire room. In some areas of your apartment, you should have task lighting. This allows you to brighten up the area where you read, work, or cook.

You should also set up some accent lighting fixtures, which draw attention to a focal point or intriguing feature of your luxury apartment.

Choose the perfect art pieces to display

No luxury apartment decor would be complete without at least one piece of art. Whether you like paintings, prints, or sculptures, displaying art in your apartment is always an excellent idea.

However, try to stay cohesive in your artwork choice. A gallery wall featuring pieces in styles too different might look messy and confusing. Look for pieces that match your decor and colour palette while allowing you to express your personality and celebrate your interests.

Add indoor plants

Turn your apartment into a peaceful retreat with indoor plants. Adding greenery like succulents, snake plants, or peace lilies to your home brings the outdoors inside and creates a soothing environment. These low-maintenance plants are suitable for bringing vibrancy to your space without much work.

Place plants in strategic spots around your apartment to enhance the calm vibe. Situating them on shelves, countertops, or underused corners can soften the look of your home and craft a tranquil vibe. Large plants such as fiddle leaf figs or monstera can act as natural statement pieces for more impact.

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Written by Brad Smith

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