How to Conceal Kodi Equipment in Your Interior Design?

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Tech gadgets are now ubiquitous in every room of our homes. We have become dependent on them, making it challenging to design dream interiors. How can we effectively conceal our tech, from messy television cables to unsightly internet routers? Well, we have a couple of tips that will help you hide Kodi equipment and other equipment in your interior.

how to conceal kodi equipment in your interior design

#1 Disguise yourself as a book

A Kodi in your home can often be an eyesore and a hassle. Because they are rarely accessed, they tend to collect dust in a neglected corner. To solve this problem, you can cleverly disguise it as a book on your shelf. Secure the equipment inside an old clip binder and hide the cables along the back of the bookshelf. You can also get creative and decorate the binder to match your decor. Just remember to ensure adequate ventilation since Kodi generates heat.

#2 Use a mini curtain

To keep objects out of sight, one can strategically position a curtain, a popular solution found in cottage and country living styles. Typically employed to conceal cleaning products or plates in laundry or kitchen areas, this clever solution can also be effective in office setups. Specifically, placing a curtain below the desk can neatly hide cables from computers, monitors, phones, and lamps, thereby enhancing the overall tidiness of the workspace. With a curtain, you can hide your Roku equipment and cables in almost any interior design. Fortunately, the choice of curtains today is quite large; you can choose them to suit any needs.

Let’s think right away: is it worth using Kodi? Well, this is quite good hardware that allows you to watch movies on different platforms. However, the selection of movies on Kodi may be too limited, but that is not the problem. This is all due to regional restrictions, but you can overcome them with the help of a Kodi VPN from a trusted developer. This way you can change your region and unlock all the content, most of which has been hidden.

#3 Order custom cabinetry

If you’re moving into a new home and planning extensive renovations, consider having custom cabinetry made to conceal appliances like microwaves and coffee makers. Built-in outlets and pull-out shelves make it easy to use your appliances and keep them hidden when not in use, freeing up counter space. If you’re unable to make improvements, keep smaller appliances hidden unless they’re being used. Selling bespoke features may not seem worthwhile, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future. However, you can always sell them online or rent a storage unit until they’re needed again.

#4 Trunking

Television cables often attract attention and would greatly benefit from a clever cover-up. They typically occupy a central position in the living room, catching the eye of both residents and visitors. Fortunately, concealing television cables is a simple task that doesn’t require professional assistance.

When searching for this product, you can look for cord concealers, cord covers, or cable raceways, whether in-store or online. These items can be conveniently cut to the desired length and affixed to walls using screws or Command removal strips, ideal for those residing in rental properties. Opt for a color that matches your wall or consider painting them to complement your home decor. Don’t overlook this essential task after investing significant time in designing your dream space.

#5 Make something creative out of aluminum sheets

You rarely interact with Roku, yet they occupy visual space. If you lack a TV cabinet, you can construct a decorative box instead, using decorative aluminum sheets available in hardware stores or craft shops. These sheets with patterned holes ensure ample ventilation for the Roku and serve as an inventive decor piece.

#6 Combine with other equipment in the box

combine with other equipment in the box

You likely have multiple tech devices scattered throughout your home – routers, TV boxes, extension cords, and more. If you’re not mindful, these items may become the unwanted center of attention in your room. An effective solution is to conceal them using faux boxes. For instance, you can obtain a shallow box that resembles a stack of books and utilize it to disguise various objects. If you’re into DIY projects, we’re confident you’ll come up with countless creative concepts.


If the design of your Roku hardware doesn’t fit into your decor, be smart. You can hide it, disguise it, or change the focus of your design. You have a choice, and if you modify them to suit your interior, you will get exactly what you want – the right design.

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Written by Brad Smith

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