Designing for Rental Success: Tips for Pittsburgh Property Investors

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Having a property that’s fresh, appealing, and inviting to potential renters is important for Pittsburgh property investors. There are so many small details that really create an impact that encourages interest and applications. From simple aesthetic touches to the interior to minor landscaping changes, there are a variety of different options to choose from that will enhance the property and make it more rentable. In fact, studies show that interior design actually helps people feel more satisfied and less stressed financially. The best part? There are many unique, yet powerful, design tips for rental success that are ultra-affordable and will help keep these costs low for the business.  

designing for rental success tips for pittsburgh property investors

Consider Light, Paint Neutral Paint Colors 

Light, neutral paint colors on the interior provide a variety of benefits for potential property investors. Lighter colors make rooms feel larger and more open, and they also lend a bright, inviting feel to the space. Neutral colors also do double duty; these shades make it more appealing for renters to make their homes feel like their own, and there’s no worry about their furniture or decor clashing with existing paint colors. Additionally, people can have very particular preferences in terms of color, so choosing neutral shades keeps any potential renter happy. Colors like ash, beige, gray, cream, and even white can be incredibly appealing in a rental property. 

Add Blinds or Window Coverings for Privacy and Appeal 

A property with plenty of windows can be highly appealing, but no matter how many windows a property has, adding window treatments can be another simple way to increase rental success. These can help provide warmth, make the space feel more home-like or invited, give a sense of privacy, and can also be adjusted so the best lighting can filter and infuse the rooms. Blinds, window shades, standard drapes, blackout window treatments, or even decorative window swags can also add a unique and welcoming vibe. 

Update Entryways With Water-Resistant Flooring

Many types of flooring can warp or begin to look worn and dreary over time, particularly in climates like Pittsburgh where slow, slush, rain, and other precipitation can work their way indoors. Entryways are typically hit the hardest, and this is a simple update that can have a big impact. Because it’s such a small area, the update cost can be quite low. However, it creates a fresh, clean, and appealing look when a potential renter walks through the door. Installing water-resistant flooring in these areas can also help keep them looking new for future rentals. For even more appeal, add small areas rugs as well.  

Add Low-Maintenance Greenery to Landscaping 

Property management in Pittsburgh can include the outdoor areas of the property too. Adding plants or shrubs to the landscaping for a rental can really help the curb appeal, but one of the aspects that is important for potential property investors to consider is that expensive or ornamental foliage may not be good options for rentals. Though beautiful, having natural features that require special care or careful upkeep can be difficult. Instead, choose plants that are hardy, easy to maintain, and require little maintenance and care. This is a win for everyone as it keeps renters happy and requires less time and work overall from investors. 

Add Light Features for a More Inviting Space

Installing additional lighting is another fairly minor improvement that can have a big impact. Dim spaces look dreary and off-putting, but moderately to brightly lit spaces can feel warm, welcoming, and inviting, Just be cautious that the light is not overly bright, as it can feel too harsh. In addition, consider using light bulbs that give the feel you want to the room, such as natural light or cool bulbs. This can be especially important in spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. 

Opt for Classic and Timeless When Doing Any Type of Update

Whether it’s time to update the cabinets, choose new bathtub or shower stalls, or even invest in new flooring, consider that with any type of update, modern and trendy aren’t the best options. Instead, lean towards, timeless, classic looks with clean lines and clean or minimal styles. This can not only create an inviting atmosphere but also lend longevity to the property and prevent having the property look outdated within a few short years. 

More Design Tips to Help Properties Stand Out 

No matter what size or type of Pittsburgh property you’re interested i investing in, there are a few other design tips that can help you get the rental success you’re after. 

  • Consider adding freestanding storage or shelving, especially if storage space is limited
  • If furnishings are to be included in the rental, choose durable materials, timeless designs, and neutral colors
  • Ensure the property has had a thorough cleaning before any potential renters view it
  • Don’t include any decor that could feel too personalized; if any decor is included, keep it neutral so it can appeal to anyone’s design style
  • Don’t overlook small details like towel racks in bathrooms or shelving in laundry rooms 

Rent Pittsburgh Properties With Success

Rich in history and known for multiple aspects from its sports teams to natural features like rivers, Pittsburgh is an option to consider when choosing a rental property. Increase rental success by following some simple design tips that make the property even more inviting.

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Written by Brad Smith

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