Suzanne Somers’ Legendary Palm Springs Estate

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Welcome to the opulent world of Suzanne Somers, an icon whose Palm Springs estate is as legendary as her career. Imagine stepping into a space where every corner tells a story of glamour, resilience, and unmatched style. This article unlocks the gates to Somers’ personal oasis, revealing architectural marvels, bespoke interiors, and the lush, desert paradise that mirrors the actress’s vibrant life. Perfect for enthusiasts of luxury real estate and admirers of Somers’ enduring legacy, here’s your exclusive peek into a true Palm Springs gem.

What makes a house more than just a collection of rooms? For Somers, her Palm Springs estate was not merely a dwelling but a profound expression of her journey, a canvas on which the chapters of her life were painted. This place, nestled in the heart of the desert, was her retreat, her fortress of solitude, and a testament to her enduring legacy.

Suzanne Somers House in Palm Springs

  • Suzanne Somers’ Palm Springs estate is a masterpiece of design, reflecting her personal journey and style.
  • The estate features a blend of architectural marvels and thoughtful interior designs that emphasize harmony with the natural desert landscape.
  • Unique amenities and personalized spaces, including a secret wine cellar and “The Rock House,” underscore the estate’s luxury and Somers’ flair for entertaining.
  • The property has significantly influenced Palm Springs’ real estate trends, showcasing the impact of celebrity homes on local market values and perceptions.

Suzanne Somers: The Legacy Behind the Estate

From humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of resilience and reinvention, Suzanne Somers’ trajectory was nothing short of remarkable. Rising to fame in the late ’70s, she became a household name, synonymous with humor and warmth. But it was her foray into the world of health and wellness, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, that showed us a different side of the actress.

Her Palm Springs estate, a lush oasis amid the arid landscape, mirrored her multifaceted personality. Each corner tells a story, each room a chapter of her life. It was here that Suzanne’s flair for design and her penchant for the eclectic came to life, blending the traditional with the unexpected, much like her career.

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The Jewel of Palm Springs: An Overview of the Estate

In 1977, Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, stumbled upon what would become their legendary Palm Springs estate. Purchased at a time when Palm Springs was synonymous with Hollywood’s elite retreat, this estate evolved alongside Somers’ illustrious career.

Perched elegantly against the backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains, the estate is a beacon of architectural marvel. Its sprawling grounds, dotted with palms and offering panoramic views of the desert landscape, speak of a deep connection to the natural beauty of Palm Springs. This wasn’t just a home; it was a statement, a piece of art meticulously crafted to stand the test of time, much like Somers herself.

Nestled within this desert paradise, the estate served as a haven of creativity and relaxation for Somers. Here, she entertained friends from showbiz and beyond, leaving each guest captivated by the estate’s charm and her gracious hospitality. Through its doors passed legends, each adding to the home’s tapestry of memories.

Interior Design of the Estate

The architectural grandeur of Suzanne Somers’ Palm Springs estate is a testament to a blend of influences, combining Mediterranean vibes with rustic, eco-conscious elements. Inspired by the serene landscapes and vibrant history of Palm Springs, the estate encapsulates a philosophy of harmony with nature, emphasizing open spaces and natural light.

Design Philosophy: At its core, the estate’s design philosophy champions the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. This is achieved through retractable walls, expansive windows, and an interior palette that complements the desert’s natural color scheme. Every design choice, from the material selection to the spatial organization, is infused with Somers’ personal style, creating a space that’s both welcoming and sophisticated.

The Heart of the Home: Living Spaces

suzanne somers house in palm springs the heart of the home living spaces

The living areas of the estate are a masterclass in balancing comfort with elegance. Vaulted ceilings and exposed beams meet soft, plush furnishings to create spaces that invite relaxation and conversation. Art pieces, handpicked by Somers, add a touch of personality and intrigue, making each corner of the living space a story in itself.

Functionality Meets Style: Suzanne’s knack for blending the practical with the personal shines through in how these spaces cater to both intimate family gatherings and grand celebrations. The use of versatile furniture arrangements and ambient lighting allows for a dynamic use of space, adaptable to any occasion.

Culinary Creations: The Kitchen

suzanne somers house in palm springs culinary creations the kitchen

Central to the estate is a kitchen that any chef would envy, designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. State-of-the-art appliances are nestled among custom cabinetry, with natural stone countertops providing a sturdy yet beautiful workspace. An open plan ensures the kitchen is not just a place for meal prep, but a hub of social interaction.

Entertaining and Family Life: This kitchen is the heart of the home, where stories are shared over simmering pots. Its layout facilitates easy flow between cooking and dining areas, ensuring that hosts and guests alike feel connected.

A Personal Retreat: Bedrooms

suzanne somers house in palm springs a personal retreat bedrooms

The estate’s bedrooms serve as sanctuaries of peace and privacy. The master suite, in particular, is a lavish affair, with a sprawling layout that includes a sitting area, private balcony, and direct access to the gardens. Each guest room is thoughtfully decorated, featuring unique themes that reflect the diverse inspirations behind the estate.

Personal Touches: Suzanne’s personal style is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, from the curated art to the hand-selected linens, creating spaces that offer both luxury and comfort.

The Oasis Within: Bathrooms

suzanne somers house in palm springs the oasis within bathrooms

Bathrooms in the estate are nothing short of luxurious retreats, equipped with spa-like features including rain showers, soaking tubs, and his-and-hers vanities. Natural stone and bespoke tiles create a serene backdrop, complemented by natural light and lush outdoor views.

Spa-like Atmosphere: These spaces are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, echoing the tranquility of a high-end spa, and making daily routines an experience in indulgence.

Entertainment and Leisure: Additional Spaces

suzanne somers house in palm springs entertainment and leisure additional spaces

From a cozy home theater to a vibrant game room, the estate’s entertainment spaces are designed for enjoyment and relaxation. Outdoor areas are equally impressive, featuring a swimming pool, fire pits, and lounge areas that offer stunning views of the Palm Springs landscape.

Hosting and Leisure: These spaces embody Suzanne’s love for entertaining, providing ample opportunities for guests to unwind and enjoy the estate’s offerings. Whether it’s a movie night in the home theater or a sunny afternoon by the pool, the estate caters to every aspect of leisure and entertainment.

The Estate’s Exterior

Embracing the rugged beauty of its desert surroundings, the estate’s landscaping is a masterclass in ecological sensitivity and aesthetic appeal. Drought-resistant plants and native species form a tapestry of green, interspersed with natural rock formations and sand pathways, creating a landscape that is both sustainable and enchanting. The outdoor living areas are meticulously designed to blend with this natural palette, featuring infinity pools that seem to merge with the horizon, spacious patios for al fresco dining, and secluded nooks for quiet reflection, all encapsulating the serene spirit of Palm Springs.

Beyond its lush gardens, the estate boasts an array of special amenities that elevate outdoor living to new heights. Outdoor kitchens and fire pits invite open-air entertaining, while water features and sculptures add a touch of elegance. Notably, the estate showcases a collection of art installations that reflect the vibrant culture of Palm Springs, seamlessly integrating art, architecture, and nature.


Where does Suzanne Somers live now?

Suzanne Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, moved to a smaller home in Palm Springs, CA, after selling their long-time estate in 2021. This new residence, also in Palm Springs, was purchased for $2.35 million in 2019.

What is the address of Suzanne Somers’ current property?

While the exact address of Suzanne Somers’ current Palm Springs home is not publicly disclosed, it is known that the property is located in a sought-after area of Palm Springs, reflecting the couple’s preference for privacy and luxury.

How much is the Suzanne Somers’ house worth?

The house Suzanne Somers moved into in 2019 was purchased for $2.35 million. Given the property’s features and the real estate market trends in Palm Springs, its value is likely to have appreciated since then.

Can you describe some unique features of Suzanne Somers’ former Palm Springs estate?

Suzanne Somers’ former estate boasted a secret wine cellar with a capacity for over 2,000 bottles, a formal dining room that could accommodate 32 guests, and a unique two-room suite known as “The Rock House,” designed by famed architect Albert Frey.

What made Suzanne Somers’ Palm Springs estate stand out in terms of outdoor amenities?

Her former estate was an entertainer’s paradise, featuring an outdoor kitchen/dining area, a swimming pool & spa, multiple dining and lounge spaces, a waterfall, and even a swimming pond, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Palm Springs’ natural landscape.


Suzanne Somers’ Palm Springs estate is more than just a home; it’s a symbol of her legacy, a masterpiece of design, and a testament to her love for Palm Springs. It encapsulates a harmonious blend of personal legacy and architectural beauty, standing as a monument to a life well-lived and a city beloved. As we reflect on its significance, we’re reminded of the power of place to shape our stories and the enduring allure of Palm Springs as a haven for creativity, community, and connection.

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