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Brad Smith
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Ever wondered what it’s like to live in the lap of luxury, surrounded by opulence and grandeur? Dive deep into the world of celebrity homes, where every corner tells a story of extravagance. In the heart of Hidden Hills, California, lies a residence that has captured the imagination of many – Kylie Jenner’s palatial abode. But what makes it so special? And how does it compare to the homes of other A-listers in the vicinity? Let’s embark on a journey through the lavish corridors of this architectural marvel and uncover the secrets that lie within.

Kylie Jenner’s House in Hidden Hills

  • 📍 Location: Hidden Hills, CA
  • 💰 Estimated Price: $15 million for the land, extensive additional investment in construction
  • 🕰️ Year Built/Remodel: Purchased in 2020, construction ongoing
  • 🌳 Size of Land: Approximately 5 acres
  • 🏠 Size of House: Projected 18,000 square feet upon completion
  • 🛏️ Rooms: Includes multiple bedrooms and luxury features such as a 12-car garage and private security house

Why Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills residence stands out

Kylie’s home isn’t just any celebrity mansion. It’s a statement. It’s a blend of luxury with her personal touch, and it’s a reflection of her journey. Every corner tells a story, every artifact has a purpose, and every room is a masterpiece. Whether it’s on reality TV, Instagram, or magazines, her home has been in the spotlight, making fans and design enthusiasts swoon.

The History of Hidden Hills: A Brief Overview

Before we delve deeper into Kylie’s abode, let’s take a moment to understand the charm of Hidden Hills.

From ranches to celebrity haven: The transformation of Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills started as a secluded, ranch-style community. Over the years, it transformed into a celebrity magnet. The privacy and exclusivity it offers have attracted a plethora of stars, making it Hollywood’s quieter, posher cousin. The sprawling estates, horse trails, and scenic beauty make it a top choice for luxury living, away from the constant media glare.

The rise of the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty in the area

The Kardashian-Jenner clan and Hidden Hills go way back. Their influence in the area is undeniable. Multiple members of the family, including Kim, Khloé, and of course, Kylie, have called Hidden Hills home. Their homes aren’t just places to live; they set design and decor trends, making the area a sought-after address in California.

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Exterior Architecture: A Fusion of Modern and Classic

Hello again! As we step outside Kylie Jenner’s home, the exterior architecture is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s a harmonious blend of modern design elements with classic touches, making it a timeless masterpiece. Let’s explore it in detail.

The grand entrance: First impressions

the grand entrance first impressions

As you approach Kylie’s residence, the first thing that strikes you is the grand entrance. A massive wooden door, flanked by sleek, tall windows, welcomes you. The facade, made of a mix of stone and modern materials, exudes an aura of luxury and sophistication. The entrance sets the tone for what’s inside, promising elegance, style, and a touch of Kylie’s unique personality.

Landscape architecture: Gardens, pools, and outdoor amenities

gardens pools and outdoor amenities

Moving beyond the entrance, the landscape architecture is a visual treat. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the gardens are a blend of manicured lawns, exotic plants, and artistic sculptures. The outdoor space is more than just a garden; it’s an oasis of calm and luxury.

The centerpiece of the outdoor amenities is the stunning infinity pool, offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Adjacent to the pool is a cozy lounge area, perfect for sunbathing or evening get-togethers. The outdoor space also boasts a tennis court, a mini playground, and several intimate seating areas, each offering a unique view of the property and the landscape beyond.

Kylie’s home seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. Every outdoor amenity, from the pool to the gardens, is designed to complement the home’s interior, creating a harmonious living experience.

Interior Design: Brad Smith’s Expert Analysis

Hey there! Brad Smith here, CEO and Lead Interior Designer at Omni Home Ideas. I’ve had the privilege of designing numerous luxury homes, and I must say, Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills residence is a masterpiece in interior design. Let’s dive deep into the heart of this home and explore its interiors.

The living room: A blend of luxury and comfort

the living room a blend of luxury

The living room is the soul of any home, and Kylie’s is no exception. As you step in, you’re greeted by expansive spaces, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the room with natural light. The choice of neutral tones, complemented by pops of color, strikes a perfect balance between luxury and comfort. Plush sofas, artistic sculptures, and bespoke furniture pieces make the space both inviting and opulent. The fireplace, with its modern design, serves as a focal point, adding warmth to the room.

The kitchen: Where functionality meets style

the kitchen where functionality meets style

The kitchen in Kylie’s home is a dream for any culinary enthusiast. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, it’s designed for both functionality and style. The marble countertops, paired with sleek cabinetry, give it a modern yet timeless appeal. An expansive island sits at the center, perfect for casual meals or entertaining guests. The open-plan design ensures that the kitchen is not just a place for cooking but also a space for socializing and bonding.

Bedrooms and suites: Personalized sanctuaries

bedrooms and suites personalized sanctuaries

Each bedroom in the residence is a personalized sanctuary, reflecting the unique tastes and preferences of its occupants. The master suite, in particular, is a haven of luxury. With its panoramic views, walk-in closets, and a spa-like bathroom, it’s designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. The other bedrooms, too, are spacious, with bespoke furniture, soft lighting, and curated art pieces, ensuring a restful sleep and a touch of luxury.

Unique spaces: The glam room, home theater, and more

unique spaces the glam room home theater and more

Kylie’s home boasts several unique spaces that cater to her lifestyle. The glam room, adorned with mirrored walls and professional lighting, is where the magic happens before red carpet events or photoshoots. The home theater, with its plush seating and advanced sound system, offers a cinematic experience like no other. There’s also a fully-equipped gym, a wine cellar, and a games room, each designed with precision and a touch of extravagance.

Art and Decor: Curated Elegance

Art and decor play a pivotal role in transforming a house into a home, and in Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills residence, they do so with unparalleled elegance. The curated pieces, both big and small, tell a story of personal tastes, travels, and experiences. Let’s delve into the world of art and decor that graces this magnificent home.

The role of art in Kylie’s home

Art, in Kylie’s home, is more than just decoration; it’s an expression of her personality and a reflection of her journey. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen, not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the emotions it evokes. From contemporary paintings to classic sculptures, the art in her home serves as conversation starters, evoking admiration and curiosity. They add layers of depth to the interiors, creating focal points and adding character to each room.

Signature pieces and their stories

Several signature pieces in Kylie’s home stand out, each with its own unique story:

  • The Butterfly Installation: Located in the main living area, this installation is a nod to the significance of butterflies in Kylie’s life. It’s not just a beautiful piece but also symbolic of transformation and growth.
  • The Neon “Plastic” Sign: This quirky piece, placed in her glam room, is both a statement and a playful nod to the beauty industry. It’s a reminder of her journey in the cosmetics world and her brand’s ethos.
  • Vintage Portraits: Scattered throughout the home are vintage portraits that Kylie has collected over the years. Each portrait, whether of iconic celebrities or unknown faces, adds a touch of history and nostalgia to the modern interiors.
  • Sculptural Furniture: Beyond traditional art, many furniture pieces in her home double as art. From abstract-shaped coffee tables to sculptural chairs, these pieces are as functional as they are artistic.

Comparing Celebrity Homes: How Kylie’s Stacks Up

Hidden Hills has long been a magnet for celebrities seeking privacy, luxury, and exclusivity. With its sprawling estates and secluded ambiance, it’s no wonder that many A-listers call this place home. But how does Kylie Jenner’s residence compare to her famous neighbors? Let’s dive into a comparative analysis.

CelebrityHome LocationHome SizeSpecial FeaturesPurchase Price
Kylie JennerHidden Hills15,350 sq.ft.Luxury pool, tennis court, vineyard$12 million
DrakeHidden Hills12,500 sq.ft.Mechanical bull, 80-foot pool slide$8 million
French MontanaHidden Hills7,700 sq.ft.Viking-style outdoor kitchen, movie theater$3.3 million
Miley CyrusHidden Hills6,000 sq.ft.Equestrian-style, 10-stall barn$5 million (sold in 2018)
Lee Ann Rimes & Eddie CibrianHidden HillsNANA$3 million

Similarities and differences with neighboring celebrity homes


  • Sprawling Estates: Like many of her celebrity neighbors, Kylie’s home boasts a vast property, complete with manicured gardens, outdoor amenities, and expansive living spaces.
  • Privacy: High walls, gated entrances, and strategically placed greenery ensure that residents, including Kylie, enjoy utmost privacy from prying eyes.
  • Luxury Amenities: From state-of-the-art home theaters to lavish swimming pools, Kylie’s home shares many luxury features common in celebrity homes in Hidden Hills.


  • Personalized Interiors: While many celebrity homes lean towards a universal luxury aesthetic, Kylie’s home reflects her personal style and journey, especially evident in her choice of art and decor.
  • Youthful Vibe: Kylie’s residence exudes a youthful, contemporary vibe, contrasting with some more traditionally styled homes in the area.
  • Branding Touches: Unique to Kylie’s home are subtle nods to her brand and entrepreneurial journey, like the neon “Plastic” sign in her glam room.

The unique features that set Kylie’s home apart

  • Custom Glam Room: While many celebrities have makeup rooms, Kylie’s glam room is a testament to her beauty empire. It’s not just a space for makeup; it’s a fully-equipped beauty studio, reflecting her stature in the cosmetics world.
  • Art Collection: As discussed earlier, the art in Kylie’s home is thoughtfully curated, with pieces that tell a story and reflect her personal journey.
  • Butterfly Motifs: Throughout her home, butterfly motifs, whether in art installations or decor, symbolize transformation and personal growth, resonating deeply with Kylie’s life story.
  • Integrated Technology: Kylie’s home is a smart home, equipped with the latest technology for security, entertainment, and comfort, making it a modern marvel in Hidden Hills.

The Influence of Kylie’s Home on Interior Design Trends

Kylie Jenner isn’t just a trendsetter in the world of fashion and beauty; her influence extends to the realm of interior design as well. With every room reveal and house tour, fans and designers alike eagerly dissect her choices, often leading to noticeable shifts in design trends. Let’s explore the impact of the Jenner residence on the broader design landscape.

Trends sparked by the Jenner residence

  • Neutral Palettes with Pops of Color: Kylie’s preference for muted, neutral tones, punctuated by occasional vibrant hues, has become increasingly popular. This approach creates a serene backdrop, allowing statement pieces and art to shine.
  • Luxe Minimalism: Contrary to the opulence one might expect, Kylie’s home champions a form of luxury minimalism. Spaces are uncluttered, with each piece serving a purpose, be it functional or aesthetic.
  • Organic Textures: From plush rugs to raw stone finishes, the use of organic textures adds warmth and depth to the interiors, a trend that has been gaining traction in contemporary design circles.
  • Statement Art Installations: Beyond traditional framed art, Kylie’s home showcases large-scale art installations, inspiring a move towards more experiential and immersive home art displays.

How fans and designers draw inspiration

  • DIY Glam Rooms: While not everyone can have a glam room as extravagant as Kylie’s, many fans have been inspired to create their own beauty sanctuaries, equipped with makeup stations, good lighting, and chic storage solutions.
  • Incorporating Personal Narratives: Kylie’s home tells her story. This personal touch has motivated others to weave their own narratives into their spaces, using decor, art, and design elements that resonate with their journeys.
  • Sustainable Choices: Notably, there’s been a growing emphasis on sustainability in design, and while it’s a broader trend, eco-friendly choices in celebrity homes like Kylie’s further propel this movement. Repurposed materials, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable art pieces are all elements fans and designers are keen to integrate.
  • Virtual Tours and Mood Boards: Design enthusiasts often dissect Kylie’s home tours, creating mood boards and design plans inspired by her choices. These resources serve as a starting point for their own design projects, allowing them to capture the essence of the Jenner residence while adding their unique twist.


Where does Kylie Jenner live now?

As of recent reports, Kylie Jenner resides in a stunning mansion located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. This property is estimated to be worth around $36 million1. Additionally, there’s ongoing construction on a new residence in Hidden Hills, which she acquired for $15 million.

What is the address of the property?

For privacy reasons, specific addresses of celebrities are typically not disclosed to the public. However, it’s known that her home is situated in the upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and in the exclusive Hidden Hills community.

How much is the house worth?

Kylie Jenner’s mansion in Holmby Hills is estimated to be worth an impressive $36 million. Her lot in Hidden Hills, where construction is ongoing, was purchased for $15 million.

Who are Kylie’s neighbors in Hidden Hills?

Hidden Hills is a celebrity hotspot. While specific neighbors can change over time, the area has been home to various members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and other A-list celebrities.

Has the design of Kylie’s home influenced other celebrity homes?

Absolutely! Celebrity homes, especially those belonging to influential figures like Kylie Jenner, often set trends in interior design and architecture. Many elements of her home, from its modern aesthetics to specific decor pieces, have been sources of inspiration for designers and homeowners alike.


As we wrap up our deep dive into Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills residence, it’s evident that this home is more than just a luxurious abode. It’s a testament to the convergence of celebrity influence, architectural prowess, and interior design artistry.

Kylie Jenner’s residence isn’t just a home; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Its influence permeates various facets of pop culture:

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines: The home has graced the covers and spreads of numerous publications, setting aesthetic benchmarks for luxury living.
  • Social Media Trends: Every reveal or sneak peek into the house becomes an instant viral sensation, with fans and influencers alike emulating its design elements in their spaces.
  • Television and Web Shows: The residence has been a backdrop for many memorable moments on reality TV and has also inspired plotlines and settings in other shows and web series.
  • Design and Architecture Forums: Beyond the glitz and glamour, the house is a subject of study and admiration in design circles, celebrated for its architectural brilliance and interior design choices.

Brad Smith’s final thoughts on the design masterpiece

As CEO and Lead Interior Designer at Omni Home Ideas, I’ve had the privilege of analyzing and critiquing countless homes. Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills residence stands out not just for its opulence but for its impeccable design sensibilities. Every corner of the house, every chosen piece of art, and every design decision reflects a harmonious blend of personal taste and expert craftsmanship. It’s a home that inspires, intrigues, and invites admiration. In the ever-evolving world of design, this residence will undoubtedly be remembered as an iconic masterpiece.

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