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Nestled in the heart of Bangor, Stephen King’s house is more than just a residence; it’s a piece of modern gothic art, embodying the eerie aesthetic that King has so masterfully woven into his literature. This article will focus on the intricate architectural and interior design details that mirror the dark, suspenseful atmospheres of his novels. Prepare to step inside a real-life setting that seems lifted from the pages of his most haunting tales.

Stephen King House in Bangor, Maine

  • 📍 Location: Bangor, Maine, USA
  • 🌳 Size of Land: Approximately 2 acres
  • 🏠 Size of House: 4,952 square feet
  • 💰 Estimated Price: $750,000 – $800,000
  • 🕰️ Year Built/Remodel: Built in 1870; remodeled to include modern amenities while preserving historical aspects
  • 🛏️ Rooms: 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms

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Stephen King and Bangor, Maine

Bangor, Maine, is not merely a backdrop for Stephen King’s life; it’s a character in its own right, woven into the fabric of his writing.

King’s residence here is no accident—it’s a source of inspiration.

The historical backdrop of his Victorian mansion, coupled with the significant life events that have unfolded here, including the prolific creation of his most famous works, reflects a deep, personal bond with the city.

Isn’t it fascinating how a town can become such a muse?

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Exploring Bangor through King’s eyes reveals a city that breathes whispers of stories waiting to be told. The streets of Bangor, much like the eerie avenues of King’s fictional Derry, serve as the silent witnesses to the strange and supernatural. Specific locations within the city, often referenced in his works, turn ordinary places into sites of pilgrimage for fans, eager to see through the lens of their favorite horror maestro. Have you ever wondered how a simple walk down a familiar street can suddenly feel like a journey through a shadow-laden narrative?

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Below is a table highlighting significant novels by Stephen King that were inspired by his Bangor residence, emphasizing the influence of his physical surroundings on his literary output.

NovelYear PublishedBrief Description
“It”1986Revolves around the sinister entity haunting the fictional town of Derry, inspired by Bangor.
“Insomnia”1994Set in the fictional town of Derry, it delves into themes of time and reality.
“Bag of Bones”1998A story about an author who retreats to his Maine lake house to recover from his wife’s death.
“11/22/63”2011Features time travel with portions set in a fictional Maine town similar to Bangor.

Architectural Overview of Stephen King’s House

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The architecture of Stephen King’s house is a Victorian marvel, its high gables and towering windows painting the perfect picture of 19th-century elegance mixed with gothic charm. But, it’s the iconic wrought iron fence encircling the property that captures most visitors’ imaginations. Adorned with bats and intricate spider webs, the fence does more than deter unwanted guests—it tells a story, setting the tone for the tales crafted behind its gates. This fence, have you ever seen anything quite like it in any other celebrity home?

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Surrounding the house, the landscape is an extension of King’s imagination. Sculptures that might make you do a double-take—creatures that seem as if they could spring to life under the moon’s right phase—dot the property. Each piece contributes to an atmosphere that is both unsettling and utterly captivating. Imagine strolling these grounds; could you shake the feeling of being watched?

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The gardens, designed with a blend of manicured precision and wild abandon, reflect a mind that cherishes both order and chaos. Wouldn’t you agree that such a place could only belong to someone with a penchant for the extraordinary? Let’s delve deeper into the interior mysteries of Stephen King’s house in the following sections, where the true essence of his horror finds a place to call home.

Interior Design of Stephen King’s Home

stephen king house in bangor maine entrance and main hall

Upon entering Stephen King’s house, the atmosphere grips you immediately—dark, rich colors blend with historical decor that seems to whisper tales of old. This hall isn’t just a passageway; it’s a prelude to a house alive with stories. Here, the decor meticulously aligns with King’s mastery over horror and suspense, featuring antiquated artifacts and items of personal significance that could each tell a spine-chilling story. From the vintage typewriter that sits under a spotlight, reminiscent of King’s early writing days, to the family portraits that watch you with an intensity that feels almost supernatural, every item is placed to provoke curiosity and unsettle the visitor.

King’s Writing Room

stephen king house in bangor maine king's writing room

As we peek into the sanctuary where King conjures his narratives, the writing room offers a glimpse into the mind of a master storyteller. The room is spacious, yet intimate, filled with personal memorabilia that inspires King’s creativity. His desk, a large, imposing piece of furniture littered with notes and manuscripts, sits against a backdrop of book-lined walls, featuring editions both old and new. This setting is not just functional but profoundly symbolic, cradling the chaos and discipline inherent in creative work. The ambiance here is quiet, save for the ticking of a grandfather clock, adding a rhythmic soundtrack to hours of writing. It’s easy to see how this space, a blend of personal sanctuary and literary workshop, fosters the creativity that has birthed some of the most gripping tales in modern horror.

Living Areas

stephen king house in bangor maine living room

The living areas of the King household—comprising the living room, kitchen, and dining area—reflect a juxtaposition of everyday family life and the eerie undercurrents of King’s literary themes. The living room, with its plush, dark sofas and heavy curtains, features subtle nods to King’s novels. For instance, a small, innocuous sculpture of a raven perches on the mantelpiece, a silent homage to his darker narratives. The kitchen, surprisingly bright and airy, contrasts sharply with the rest of the house, though a collection of antique butcher knives displayed above the stove adds a touch of macabre. The dining area, dominated by a long, sturdy table surrounded by high-backed chairs, could easily serve as the setting for a King family dinner or a séance from one of his novels.

Special Features

stephen king house in bangor maine special features

The home’s special features include a stunning bespoke bookcase, crafted from a dead ash tree that once stood proudly in the garden. This piece, sculpted with chainsaw artistry by a local artist, features intricate carvings of birds, a cat, and a likeness of King’s beloved dog, Molly, its branches reaching out to form shelves that hold various objects of significance. This bookcase is not just furniture; it’s a narrative in wood, telling stories of the natural and supernatural. Other custom artworks throughout the house—each selected or commissioned by King—serve as visual footnotes to the themes explored in his writing, transforming the home into a 3D manuscript of horror and wonder.

In every room of Stephen King’s house, the interior design transcends simple decor, offering a deep dive into the psyche of one of the world’s most renowned horror writers. As a visitor, one walks through a living story, each element a piece of a narrative puzzle that begs to be pieced together. As an interior designer, dissecting the layers that make up this intriguing home provides not only a lesson in aesthetic cohesion but in storytelling through space and setting.

Cultural Impact and Public Fascination

Stephen King’s home in Bangor has transformed from a private residence into a significant tourist attraction, drawing visitors from around the globe. The architectural uniqueness and the thematic elements of horror that echo King’s literary style make the house a must-visit for fans and horror enthusiasts alike. This influx of visitors significantly boosts local tourism, but it also raises questions about visitor etiquette and the balance between public curiosity and the privacy of the residence. The need for respectful distance is emphasized, as fans are encouraged to admire the spooky allure of the estate from afar without encroaching on private property.

For writers and artists, King’s home serves as a towering beacon of inspiration. Just as the eerie ambiance of Bangor has seeped into King’s narratives, visitors often report feeling a surge of creativity as they walk near or view the house. This locale acts not only as a monument to King’s achievements but also as a catalyst for creative minds pondering the interplay between setting and storytelling in their works.

Stephen King’s Contributions to the Community

Stephen King’s relationship with Bangor extends beyond his literary influence. His philanthropic efforts are well-documented, with significant contributions to local causes, including major donations to libraries, educational initiatives, and community services. These gestures reflect his deep commitment to giving back to the community that has played such a crucial role in his writing life.

King’s involvement in local events and initiatives further showcases his role as a community figure, not just a literary icon. His engagement in cultural and social events, support for local businesses, and advocacy for community projects underscore his integral presence in Bangor’s social and cultural spheres.

AuthorLocationEstimated ValueRemarks
Stephen KingBangor, Maine$750,000 – $800,000Iconic due to the author’s literary influence.
Mark TwainHartford, Connecticut$4,000,000Historical value due to Twain’s legacy.
Ernest HemingwayKey West, Florida$3,500,000Attracts visitors due to Hemingway’s stature.
J.K. RowlingEdinburgh, Scotland$2,500,000Known for its connection to the Harry Potter series’ writing.
This table compares the estimated market values of homes owned by renowned authors, providing a broader context to Stephen King’s Bangor home’s valuation.


Where does Stephen King live now?

Stephen King currently spends most of his time at his residence in Casey Key, Florida. He also maintains a historic Victorian home in Bangor, Maine.

What is the address of the Stephen King’s property in Bangor, Maine?

The address of Stephen King’s property in Bangor, Maine is 47 West Broadway, Bangor, ME 04401, USA.

How much is the Stephen King’s house worth?

The estimated value of Stephen King’s Bangor home ranges between $750,000 and $800,000. This valuation reflects the home’s size, historical significance, and its association with the famous author.

Can the public visit Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine?

No, Stephen King’s house in Bangor is not open to the public. While the exterior can be viewed from the street, the property itself is private, and public tours are not available.


Reflecting on Stephen King’s home in Bangor, we see more than just a building; it’s a landmark steeped in the personal, literary, and architectural narratives that have captivated countless fans. The house is a masterclass in how personal spaces can reflect and affect professional output, especially in creative fields. As this historic home transitions into a new phase, it promises to continue inspiring and spooking visitors, just as King’s stories have long chilled and thrilled readers around the world.

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