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As interior designer, when you spend years knee-deep in the world of interior design, it’s not every day you find yourself taken aback by a home. Yet, every so often, a property like Eli Manning’s Oxford retreat comes along, blending grandeur with the homeliness in a way that can only be described as art. Manning, a name synonymous with NFL royalty, has etched a legacy that transcends the gridiron, extending into the realm of luxury real estate and, interestingly, into the heart of Oxford, Mississippi.

Eli Manning’s House in Oxford

  • 📍 Location: Oxford, Mississippi
  • 💰 Estimated Price: $3.8 million
  • 🕰️ Year of Built/Remodel: Built in 2009
  • 🌳 Size of Land: 1.7 acres
  • 🏠 Size of House: 7,450 square feet
  • 🛏️ Rooms: 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms

Eli Manning: From the Gridiron to Oxford Grandeur

Eli Manning’s journey from being a celebrated NFL quarterback to settling in the picturesque town of Oxford, Mississippi, is nothing short of a narrative worth exploring. Known for his remarkable tenure with the New York Giants, leading them to two Super Bowl victories, Manning’s career has been as much about his leadership on the field as it has been about his character off it. So, when this two-time Super Bowl MVP chooses Oxford for his family retreat, one can’t help but wonder: Why Oxford? The answer lies in Manning’s connection to the town as an alumnus of the University of Mississippi, reflecting a blend of nostalgia and a keen eye for serene luxury.

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Imagine, if you will, a home that not only speaks to the achievements of one of the NFL’s most esteemed quarterbacks but also echoes the charm and sophistication of the South. Manning’s Oxford retreat is precisely that – a symbol of luxury, tranquility, and architectural wonder nestled in the heart of Mississippi. This move from the gridiron to grand living spaces reflects not just a transition in lifestyle but a deliberate choice to embrace the elegance that Oxford exudes.

Manning’s Mansion

eli manning house 03

Getting into the crux of Manning’s retreat, the architecture and layout of the mansion are a perfect marriage of traditional Southern elegance and modern luxury. Built in 2009, this expansive estate spans 1.7 acres, a testament to Manning’s preference for spaciousness and privacy. The architectural style is reminiscent of classic Southern estates yet incorporates contemporary elements that elevate the property to a modern masterpiece. With its intricate design and thoughtful layout, the mansion serves as a beacon of luxury living, setting a benchmark for celebrity homes across the nation.

eli manning house 01

Imagine walking through a home that seamlessly blends the grandiosity of Southern architecture with the clean lines and openness of contemporary design. It’s a rarity to find such a harmonious blend, yet Manning’s mansion achieves this with aplomb. Each room, from the expansive living areas to the private bedrooms, is meticulously designed to offer both comfort and luxury, reflecting the homeowner’s achievements and lifestyle. It’s not just a house; it’s a narrative of success, taste, and an eye for the exquisite.

eli manning house 04

Comparing Manning’s home to traditional Southern homes, one notes the homage to heritage in the mansion’s expansive porches and stately columns. However, the similarity ends there, as the retreat diverges into a realm of modernity with its sleek interior designs, state-of-the-art amenities, and an overall emphasis on light and space. This duality not only makes the mansion stand out but also encapsulates Manning’s journey from a celebrated athlete to a connoisseur of fine living.

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Luxurious Living Spaces

The living room of Manning’s mansion is a narrative in itself, where luxury meets comfort in an elegantly designed space. It’s imagined as a room where expansive windows invite natural light to dance on surfaces adorned with tasteful art. Comfortable seating arranged around a grand fireplace suggests a room designed not just for show but for living—a space where stories are told and memories made, surrounded by subtle elegance that speaks of Manning’s achievements and personal style.

eli manning house living room

The dining area stands as a testament to functional aesthetics, where family gatherings are envisioned against the backdrop of a roaring fireplace, adding warmth to every meal. The room combines the traditional charm of a family dining space with the sophistication of a modern design, featuring a large table that serves as the centerpiece, around which conversations and celebrations unfold in an ambiance of understated elegance.


eli manning house kitchen

In Manning’s retreat, the kitchen emerges as a chef’s dream, blending top-quality appliances with standout design elements. Here, functionality marries style in a space equipped to cater to gourmet tastes, featuring state-of-the-art appliances, spacious countertops, and custom cabinetry. It’s a kitchen that reflects Manning’s lifestyle—sophisticated yet welcoming, ready to host a quiet family breakfast or a large gathering of friends.

Personalized Rooms Reflecting a Legend

The master bedroom is Manning’s sanctuary, reflecting personal luxury with a touch of intimacy. Envision a room where the day’s stresses dissolve in the comfort of high-thread-count sheets, and personal achievements are quietly acknowledged in the decor’s subtlety. This space is designed for rest and rejuvenation, embodying the tranquility that Manning values, with personal touches that make it uniquely his.

eli manning house the master bedroom

The children’s rooms are crafted with family at the heart, balancing style and functionality. They are imagined as vibrant spaces that spark creativity and comfort, equipped with playful designs and ample room for play, study, and rest. Here, Manning’s role as a father is emphasized, creating environments that cater to the growth and happiness of his children.

Hospitality shines through in the guest rooms, where visitors are treated to the same level of comfort and elegance found throughout the mansion. These rooms are designed to make guests feel welcomed and valued, with plush furnishings, en suite bathrooms, and thoughtful amenities that ensure a pleasant stay.

Amenities for Entertainment and Leisure

eli manning house the wine cellar

The wine cellar is a connoisseur’s haven, reflecting Manning’s taste and appreciation for fine wines. It’s a meticulously designed space that balances temperature and humidity to preserve an impressive collection, offering an intimate setting for tasting and appreciation.

Fitness Gym

Manning’s commitment to an active lifestyle is mirrored in the design of the home gym. Equipped with the latest in fitness technology and ample space for a variety of workouts, this area is tailored for motivation and personal bests, underlining the importance of health and wellness in Manning’s life.

Outdoor Oasis

The outdoor living spaces of Manning’s Oxford retreat are a celebration of Mississippi’s natural beauty, featuring a swimming pool, patio, and lush garden. This oasis is a nod to Manning’s love for the outdoors, offering a tranquil escape where family and friends can gather, relax, and enjoy the serenity of their surroundings.

Beyond the Walls: The Estate’s Exterior Appeal

Nestled on 1.7 acres of meticulously manicured landscapes, Manning’s estate is a testament to the natural beauty of Oxford. Imagine rolling green lawns that meet clusters of mature trees, offering both privacy and a lush backdrop to this grand residence. The grounds are designed to celebrate the seasons, with flowering plants and foliage that paint a vivid palette of colors throughout the year.

The Pool and Pool House

eli manning house outdoor oasis

Central to the estate’s outdoor appeal is the swimming pool area, designed as much for its aesthetic appeal as for its role as a hub of family activity and entertainment. The pool, with its crystal-clear waters, invites relaxation and leisure, while the adjacent pool house offers convenience and luxury, equipped with amenities that ensure endless summer days are spent in comfort and style.

The functionality and design of the guest and pool houses reflect Manning’s hospitality, offering guests a private retreat within the estate. These spaces are crafted with the same attention to detail and luxury as the main residence, ensuring visitors experience the same level of comfort and elegance.

A Nod to Location: Oxford’s Exclusive Enclave

Oxford, Mississippi, is more than just a backdrop for Manning’s retreat; it’s a vital component of its charm. Known for its exclusivity and tranquility, the neighborhood offers a serene escape, with the added allure of privacy and security. This enclave, favored by celebrities and affluent individuals, enhances the property’s value, making it not just a home but a sanctuary.

Eli Manning’s Other Residential Ventures

Manning’s real estate portfolio is as impressive as his NFL career, featuring properties in New Orleans, Summit, the Hamptons, and Hoboken. Each residence reflects Manning’s lifestyle and preferences, yet it’s the Oxford mansion that stands out for its unique blend of privacy, luxury, and connection to his alma mater. This mansion is not just a home; it’s a reflection of Manning’s journey and achievements.

Property LocationYear PurchasedSize (Sq Ft)Unique Features
Oxford, Mississippi20097,450Near University of Mississippi, outdoor oasis
Summit, New Jersey20149,000Georgian Revival, 750-bottle wine cellar, eight fireplaces, in-ground pool
The Hamptons, New York2017Not SpecifiedBeachfront property, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms


Where does Eli Manning live now?

Eli Manning currently resides in Oxford, Mississippi, and also has a property in the Hamptons, New York. His Oxford home reflects his connection to his alma mater, the University of Mississippi, offering a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life.

What is the address of Eli Manning’s Oxford property?

Eli Manning’s Oxford property is located at 426 Turnberry Ct, Oxford, MS. This magnificent estate, a true southern masterpiece, is nestled in a serene and exclusive neighborhood, providing privacy and luxury.

How much is Eli Manning’s house worth?

Eli Manning’s Oxford mansion was last listed for $3.8 million. The property, spanning 1.7 acres with a 7,450 square foot residence, embodies luxury living with its expansive layout and top-notch amenities.

What makes Eli Manning’s Oxford retreat stand out from his other properties?

Eli Manning’s Oxford retreat is distinguished by its connection to his college years and its tranquil setting, offering a unique blend of luxury and nostalgia. Unlike his other properties, this mansion is deeply tied to his personal history and reflects a commitment to family and heritage.

Has Eli Manning sold his Oxford mansion?

As of the last update, Eli Manning’s Oxford mansion has been on and off the market since first listed in 2019. Despite its luxurious appeal and rich connections to Manning’s legacy, finding a buyer for this exquisite property has proven challenging.


Eli Manning’s Oxford retreat is more than a luxury home; it’s a narrative of a celebrated NFL career, a testament to the beauty of Mississippi, and a sanctuary that reflects Manning’s values and lifestyle. This mansion, nestled in Oxford’s exclusive enclave, stands as a symbol of Manning’s journey from an NFL icon to a connoisseur of fine living. Understanding celebrity home choices, like Manning’s, offers insights into the broader context of luxury living and interior design, showcasing how personal achievements and preferences shape the spaces we call home.

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