Budget Home Decorating Ideas for College Students

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

How to decorate my room on a budget? One of the most common questions students ask themselves as they move to the dorm room. They’re far from sweet home and need a personalized and cozy setting where they will spend the next couple of years. The good news is that there are some pocket-friendly options that you can go for to turn your dorm room into a stylish, comfy, and functional nest.

budget home decorating ideas for college students

Purchase/Sell Things on Web Marketplaces  

When it comes to the marketplaces, you can sell and buy literally anything there. Online marketplaces allow students to find the most affordable prices and even negotiate them. Using online marketplaces is as easy as using a research proposal service from EssayShark.com. You come, find the most appropriate products, and purchase what works best for your budget. A lot of colleges provide online marketplaces for undergrads where they can find form decor, cheap pieces of furniture, and various supplies for everyday use. To find budget decor, make sure to browse the marketplaces like OfferUp, Letgo, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Nextdoor, etc.

Arrange a Photo Wall

Have you got tons of photos on your phone? Time to print them out! Use all those special moments to cover that dull wall near your bed. All you have to do is pick the photos you will use for decor, print them out, buy string lights and a set of pegs, and work magic on the blank wall! If the process seems to be too overwhelming, feel free to make a photo decoration on the mirror or your door. Needless to say, string lights will add that cozy ambiance while making your uni room warm and welcoming.

Let Mother Nature in

If you want to add more life to your dorm room, house plants will do the job. We recommend choosing plants that are low maintenance. The point is that a lot of students are the so-called forgetful type, which is why plants like Aloe vera, ZZ plant, Snake plant, Cast Iron plant, Spider plant, and so on are the best options. They don’t require much care yet are stylish and look great in any setting. What is more, infusing plants into your environment provides a lot of benefits like a creativity boost, combating stress, improving moods, and battling air pollutants. If you think that watering flowers is unlikely to happen due to your hectic schedule, go for artificial plants.  

Buy Multi-functional Furniture

Search for multifunctional furniture when looking for budget-friendly items for a college room. For example, you can use an ottoman as a seating and a storage. At the same time, the futon can serve as a 2-in-1 – a couch and a bed. Not only will you save your money with multifunctional furniture but you will also make the most of a small setting.

Plan Your Budget and Stick to It

If you need to decorate your college room without going bankrupt, make sure to plan ahead. Do some online search to see what budget-friendly options are available and decide what you want your uni room to look like. Before you click the ‘Purchase’ button, make sure to have a list of all the items you may need with prices put down next to each product. Based on how much you can spend on your room decor, you will create your budget.

Use Storage Options

Search for bins, decorative baskets, and other storage containers to use as decor and a stylish way to organize things you use every day. These options are affordable and add some visual interest to the dullest college room.

Organize a Swap Meet-up

Get together with your college mates and plan up a swap meet-up to trade various decor items that you don’t use anymore. Thus, you will get rid of stuff you no longer need and find a better match for your current interior. Not only will you refresh your setting, but you will also save some bucks you would otherwise spend on a costly decoration. 

Use Seasonal Decor

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Hannukha, use this special time of the year to add a pinch of creativity to your dorm room! Decorate your space with some DIY (Do It Yourself) items. For instance, you can get a couple of cute little pumpkins, a few candles, and yellow maple leaves to adorn your windowsill during the scary season. Boo!

Frame Photos and Art Works

Gather all of your memories and display them on the wall using multicolored frames. We recommend looking for discounts at the local craft stores. They usually have a wide assortment of options and student-friendly prices.

One of the key rules in decorating on a student budget is to think outside the box. You will have to activate all of your creative powers to transform an unwelcoming space into a cozy home that will help you combat homesickness if it ever kicks in. Happy decorating!

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Written by Brad Smith

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