Constructing Success: How Awards Can Build a Better Construction Business

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Giving an award to your employee for doing their job might sound like an odd thing to do. They get paychecks, PTO, bonuses, and raises. What else do they need? 

While it’s true that today’s employers and construction companies offer their employees more than ever before, did you know that giving employees extra incentives like construction awards and trophies can help you build a better construction business or contracting company? Here’s how:

how awards can build a better construction business

Employee Morale Boost

Everyone wants to know that they are doing a good job. Whether it’s in home construction companies, building companies, design build construction, or excavation companies, people want to be successful and seen for what they’ve accomplished. While paychecks and raises help achieve that, they are often missing one key component of validation – social recognition. 

By giving your employees a trophy for good performance and recognizing them publicly, they gain respect and admiration – and demonstrate competency in front of their peers.

It also gives them a record of success within the company. 

Whether that employee stays with you for their entire career or takes that experience to the next job, it’s important for them to show a record of success in order for them to get a raise, promotion, bonus, or new job. 

But more often, it will help you retain those employees.

It seems like common sense to say that people stay where they are valued, and that’s exactly what the science shows. Recent research suggests that trophies and other monthly awards – not just monetary incentives – help improve morale and retention rates. 

In a recent article in Havard Business Review titled Research: A Little Recognition Can Provide a Big Morale Boost, Shibeal O’Flaherty, Michael T. Sanders, and Ashley Whillans argue:

“While many organizations (especially in the private sector) have traditionally used monetary incentives to boost employee morale and performance, recent research suggests that symbolic awards — interventions such as congratulatory cards, public recognition, and certificates — can significantly increase intrinsic motivation, performance, and retention rates.”

Employee Performance Boost

Stronger morale leads to better productivity. If employees are happy be there, they will take pride in their work and do a better job. It will also rub off on other employees and cause even mediocre employees to perform better – all of which increases your productivity and helps you finish the job more efficiently. 

It also gives your employees something tangible to aim for. 

Let’s face it, no matter the position, it’s often difficult to motivate the average employee to go above and beyond in their job. Far off raises or PTO are often just beyond the horizon the affect the daily performance. 

Offering something tangible for employees to keep on their desks or work stations will remind them of their great performance and reaffirm the behavior – a self-sustaining cycle of positivity and productivity. 

It’s also a great way to create some friendly competition.

Competition creates productivity. That’s because competitors are always looking for an edge over their competitors. By offering trophies and other incentives, employees will be trying to edge past each other in their performance, creating greater overall productivity

Awards Are Good for Your Business

What better way to consistently promote your company values? By providing a tangible award for exemplary behavior, you’re able to show your staff that values like hard work, perseverance, and determination do not go unnoticed. 

This will also boost the reputation of your company. 

With platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, where employees can rate their employers and talk openly about the pros and cons of working there, company reputation is more important now as ever. Having a reputation as an employer who values hard work and recognizes good performance, you are sending a message that your company is a place where people want to work – a place where people are valued for creating value.

This will help you to attract even more talent.

Productive people want to be recognized; unproductive people do not. By offering trophies and other awards, you will attract productive employees. Lazy people won’t want to work for you, so you will eventually end up with the cream of the crop.

It will also help you attract and retain more customers. 

When a customer Googles construction companies near me, general contractors near me, or local contractors near me, they will likely see reviews about your company from other customers as well as former employees. Maintaining the reputation of your construction business as a reputable one, both inside and out, will help you find like-minded customers who will want to identify with your business and the values you promote.

This will allow your company to truly flourish. Becoming more productive, competitive, and successful than you ever dreamed possible.

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Written by Brad Smith

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