One By One: The Best Order For Packing Up And Moving Out Of Your Home

It’s good to remember that there is no “right” way to move. Everyone has their methods to this particular madness, but, some may be in need of a roadmap, something to adhere to, something to live by. 

When packing up your home, it’s important to follow some sort of order. This will help keep everything in order, simplify the process, and make it less chaotic. You can also find helpful tips here on how to move your house in an orderly fashion.

Having these things organized will help your movers get started much more quickly. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by thinking about what you’ll need to put into boxes and bags – and then work from there.

Start With A Good Declutter

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of clutter in your home, there’s good news: It’s possible to start with good decluttering and keep your home clean and organized gradually over time. Here are three tips for order of moving to give context:

1. Start with the items that are most valuable to you. Clear out the things that don’t matter most—the stuff that takes up space but doesn’t bring you joy. This may mean starting with your clothes closet and working your way down to the items in your drawer.

2. Create designated spaces for each item type. For example, create a storage area for books, magazines, pictures, and video games; a stackable storage area for pots and pans; a cabinet for dishes; and so on. This will help you quickly locate what you need without having to search through piles of clutter.

3. Make use of organizers and containers to keep everything tidy and organized. A simple container like a drawer organizer can be filled with paper clips, rubber bands, postcards, or any other small objects that can be easily accessed but don’t take up much space on their own (like screws and nails).

4. Having space cleared out is one thing; throwing everything away is another. Before you start packing up your house, contact a local moving company to have a dumpster filled with all the unwanted items. This way, you can get rid of everything in one go and avoid dealing with heavy bags and boxes.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, there’s no shame in enlisting the help of a friend or family member. They can take on a few less-important tasks while you focus on clearing out more important items. And don’t forget to take your time; making a gradual transition to a new living space is always easier than cramming everything into one big move.

Pack Up The Rooms You Use The Least

If you’re preparing to move, it’s important to start by sorting through your belongings and deciding which rooms in your house you’ll need to pack first.

If you’re ready to start packing but don’t know where to start, try sorting your belongings into categories based on how often you use them. For example, if you typically dress in your bedroom and take care of most of your grooming needs in the bathroom, start there. Conversely, if you spend more time in the living room or kitchen than in any other room in your home, put those items into storage elsewhere until after you’ve moved.

Move On To More Essential Areas

Start packing up the more essential areas of your home, like the bedroom, living room, and kitchen.


If you’ll only be living in one room, it’s important to declutter and organize your belongings before you move in. This way, you won’t have to waste time dealing with messes after you’ve moved in.

At the very least, make sure all of your furniture is placed where you want it before you start packing. If there’s any furniture that won’t fit in the room once everything is put away, try moving it into another room until after your move.

Living Room

If you’ll be dividing your time between different rooms in your home, be sure to pack enough items to outfit both spaces. This includes furniture, decorations, and linens.


Don’t forget to pack any kitchen appliances and storage containers that will be necessary while you’re living out of a box. Additionally, be sure to pack any food that you’ll need during your transition period.


Make sure all of the fixtures are in working condition before you move, particularly the shower and bathtub. If there are any broken or missing pieces, bring them with you so that you can replace them onsite once you’re moved in.


Empty all of your clothes into storage containers or boxes before packing up your wardrobe. Then, take a look through your closet and decide what items can be replaced with more affordable versions while you’re living out of a box.

Backyard Areas

If you have a yard or patio that you’ll be using while you’re living out of a box, be sure to pack enough furniture and supplies to make it comfortable. This includes umbrellas, lawn chairs, and barbecues.

There’s no one right way to move – what works best for one person might not work as well for another. However, following these general tips will help you put together the best order for packing up and moving out of your home.

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