Minimalism in Modern Home Design: Achieving Style and Functionality

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Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Our homes are where we’re most comfortable. Our shelter, our haven, our castle. It’s where we relax at the end of a long day or week. Somewhere to put your feet up, enjoy a drink and spend time with your family. A place to raise children, to laugh and share joy with your family. Home is somewhere you can constantly improve – through rearranging, renovating, remodelling and redecorating.

And one modern home design trend that has emerged in recent years is minimalism. 

This design trend takes the saying “less is more” to full fruition. It’s all about sparse, open spaces with strategically placed objects to give a minimalist vibe – keep this in mind when considering how to choose an interior designer. Find someone who has expertise in minimalism and functionality. But how can you achieve style and functionality in a minimal home design?

minimalism in modern home design achieving style and functionality

Pool Fencing

If you have a pool in your backyard, glass pool fencing is your best bet to achieve a sleek, minimal style while retaining functionality. A glass fence looks sparse and nice and clean. It is also functional because it will keep your kids and pets from accidentally tumbling into the pool. Glass is easy to clean with some window cleaner, paper towel, or tea towel. You can keep it looking spotless, and it will give the minimal aesthetic you’re aiming for. 

Choose Elegant Window Dressings

Your choice of window dressings can make or break the minimal vibe you’re aiming for. For example, heavy floral drapes with intricate designs are far from a minimal vibe. That’s why you should opt for something like sheer curtains instead. Sheer curtains give a sleek, sparse appearance without the feeling of clutter — precisely what your home needs for that minimal feeling. 

While you should stick to sheer curtains in your living space and bedrooms, consider something different for the bathroom. A lovely white lace or similar window dressing in the bathroom is a perfect choice — especially if you have a neutral palette offset with some choice natural timber panelling. Another option that completes the minimal aesthetic is white plantation shutters.

This tip will allow you to maintain the functionality of window dressings while opting for a sparse, sleek minimal style. 

Choose Your Decor Appropriately 

When going for a minimal approach to home interior design, the key is to pick just the right amount of decor. For instance, your couch or lounge suite could have a single-throw cushion placed in the middle — and you’ll need to pick the colour with some forethought. For instance, if you have a black leather suit, choose a bright white cushion to contrast with the black or a soft cream cushion to offset the dark colour. Swap this around if you have a light leather lounge suite. Charcoal tones and greys can also perfectly contrast with neutral palettes, creating a sparse and smokey vibe.

A Word About Hanging Art

A quandary people choosing a minimal decoration scheme often face is whether or not to hang some art on the wall of a room. The answer is yes — you certainly can, but only one or two pieces. 

A wall cluttered with artwork, such as sketches and paintings, may work for some homes, but it’s certainly not a minimal approach. Remember, less is more. 

The type of art matters as well. Classics and impressionism might be breathtaking, but they’re not quite soft or quiet, which is what you aim for here. Stick to cubism, minimalism, or even ultra-modern pieces. Something muted and quiet will complement the rest of your minimal design. If you’re working with a tight budget on your redesign project, don’t stress. You don’t have to buy original pieces – prints work just fine. 

Follow this above tip to achieve a minimal decor style that functions aesthetically pleasing while avoiding clutter.

Strategic Use of Lighting

You can further improve your minimalist interior design for your home with the use of clever lighting. In minimalist interior design, lighting is often utilised to highlight specific areas or simply to accentuate the simplicity of a room. Daylight should be able to circulate with ease around the room. Still, some concealed artificial lighting is also a powerful tool and makes for an ideal, understated effect, which will help to create a sense of open space without impacting the overall vibe.

A Word About Flooring

An excellent flooring choice can help create a minimalist feeling, and there are many options. Carpets aren’t entirely out of the question. However, marble and stone flooring remain some of the most popular options – and this type of flooring is also simple to maintain and creates a seamless appearance, opening up your house.

A Minimal Conclusion

This helpful article has shared about minimalism in home design and how you can achieve style and functionality without sacrificing anything. Follow these tips to make your home a sleek, minimal paradise. 

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Written by Brad Smith

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