Midwestern Interior And Exterior Property Trends

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Each region in the US has a favorite home architectural style. In the Midwest, for example, farmhouse and craftsman styles are the most preferred architectural styles, according to American Home Shield. A typical Midwest home features messy mudrooms, a well-balanced touch of nature in the décor, and minimalist aesthetics. 

Ideally, the interior and exterior designs of Midwest homes are similar. But you can redefine living spaces to reflect your unique taste by adding character and personality to your interiors and exteriors. Understanding the current design trends and how to incorporate them is critical to make your Midwest home stand out – but more importantly – enjoyable. 

midwestern interior and exterior property trends

Industrial Décor Style

When incorporated in a farmhouse or craftsman home, the industrial style balances old and modern, hard and soft furniture, finishes, and textures. As a result, the industrial style creates comfortable and on-trend spaces with timeless aesthetics rooted in the past. When incorporating the industrial style in your Midwest home, use the open floor plan and build an exposed brick wall. 

You should also pair rustic wood with modern metals. For instance, you could style your living room with a steel-legged coffee table or barstools. Then accessorize your space with vintage hooks, old metal signage, and mason jars. While a pared-down color palette is the foundation of industrial style, don’t be afraid to add pops of red. Pops of color, imperfect finishes, antique and repurposed décor pieces, and wrought iron make the industrial farmhouse style perfect. 

Customization In Exterior Touches

Customized designs make your exteriors stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. For example, you can mix up multiple materials and choose various colors for your siding. You could also install gutters made of copper material. Since copper becomes dull over time, it adds a time-worn touch to your outdoor aesthetics. Other outdoor custom-design features perfect for Midwestern properties are outdoor kitchens, archways, and pools. 

Note that remodeling the exteriors to enhance style can be challenging. For this reason, you should invest in customized property management services. Rearch for reliable property managers in your region–you could ask family and friends to recommend service providers they have worked with before. Alternatively, search the internet for top-rated property managers.

Once you have identified your ideal property manager, discuss your custom design needs with them. Make sure to keep the communication with the property manager open and honest to get the best outcomes for your project. 

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals like white oak, warm brown, shades of gray, and muted greens evoke feelings of calm and create an open, airy feel in Midwest homes. An all-neutral color palette can also add interest to your home’s exterior color scheme if you accent it with shades of black. For example, you could paint the front door and shutters black to make your beige or warm brown exterior sophisticated. 

Decorating with warm neutrals can help you achieve the perfect industrial look for your country home. Browns, for example, let other colors shine and create space for industrial décor elements to blend in. This means you can add pops of color like orange, red, or blue, metal accents, wood, concrete, and leather to complete the industrial style. 

The architectural style of Midwest homes is warm and charming, creating a balanced touch of nature in the interior and exterior spaces. These aspects set the foundation for decorating your country home with on-trend designs like warm neutrals. You can also redefine your space with industrial style and customized exterior touches to make your home stylish. 

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Written by Brad Smith

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