Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Decorating small spaces comes with a unique set of challenges. The key lies in understanding that within these compact areas, every choice amplifies, every addition multiplies, and style is a game of quality over quantity. 

I’ve witnessed numerous small spaces undergoing incredible transformations without losing their charm or functionality. Through smart, selective, and style-conscious decisions, these areas have blossomed into inviting, spacious-feeling homes. Keep reading to learn about the nuanced approach required for these spaces.

interior design tips for small spaces

Minimalist Decoration

One common mistake in small space decoration is the cluttering of space with excessive decor. The charm of a small room emerges when we allow breathing space, creating a balance where the room feels inhabited but not overrun. 

Adopting a minimalist approach doesn’t mean stripping the soul out of your room. Instead, select fewer but more impactful decor pieces, creating focal points that draw the eye and open the room. Think of this as curating your space with your most cherished pieces rather than filling it indiscriminately. It’s about making statements that resonate with your style while avoiding overwhelming.

Adding Comfort in Small Spaces

Boho decor holds a special place when it comes to style. It’s something that has become more popular over the last few years. Its inviting atmosphere is a perfect match for small spaces, as it imparts an unrestricted, casual vibe that enlarges a space. In my previous home, I transformed a compact bathroom using boho decor elements. Despite the size, the space adopted a new persona, feeling warm, welcoming, and infinitely more enjoyable. The key for this boho bathroom decor is in the details: a strategically placed boho rug, a plant that adds life, or eclectic art pieces that reflect soulfulness without demanding space. These additions bring forward a comforting complexity that feels both organic and inspiring.

Revitalize Your Furniture

Changing your room’s look doesn’t always require grand gestures. Something as simple as a sofa cover can work wonders, especially with the modern, stylish options available today. By selecting covers that resonate with your room’s palette or your personal aesthetic, you create a fresh look without the impracticality of new furniture. This approach is not only budget-friendly but also a smart solution for maintaining style in a limited area. Consider textures and patterns that add depth to the room’s ambiance, inviting touch and interaction, and stimulating the senses in a way that transcends the room’s physical boundaries. Choose from a variety of sofa cover options at Nolan Interior.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Over-decorating is a pitfall in any interior design venture, more so in small spaces. The trick is to find your style, maybe a comforting boho or a stark contemporary, get a few decor pieces that scream “you”, and stop before it gets too much. This restraint ensures your space feels personalized but not cluttered, stylish but also functional. It’s about creating an equilibrium where each piece holds its significance. For instance, incorporating storage solutions like baskets under coffee tables or multi-purpose furniture can maintain the aesthetic appeal while serving practical needs.

Light and Color Strategies

Lighting and color schemes are your best friends in small spaces. I have always leaned towards warm lighting and colors, as they introduce a sense of comfort and expansiveness. This atmosphere, reminiscent of a cozy embrace, makes spaces appear more inviting and spacious. Contrary to popular belief, darker colors, even black, can make a room feel larger, breaking the boundaries that limit our perception of space. They do so by blurring the hard lines that box us in, inviting a curious wonder about the room’s extents. It’s all about what feels right for you and understanding that every rule in design is meant to be broken by someone bold enough to try.

Personal Touches

Incorporating personal touches without tipping into clutter territory is tough but achievable. The secret is moderation and selecting items that have a story, an emotional depth, or a strong connection to your personality. These pieces become conversation starters, reflecting your unique story, all without overcrowding your living area. Whether it’s a painting that speaks to you, a collection from your travels, or a family heirloom, these expressions of your journey should be curated thoughtfully to stand out in their right, adding authentic character to your space.


Designing for small spaces doesn’t mean compromising on style or personality. It’s about harmonizing style with practicality, understanding the power of perception, and making bold choices that reflect who you are. Embrace the philosophy that every object you introduce into your space is an ally in your journey to express your inner world. Whether it’s through the warmth in your bathroom decor, choosing stylish sofa covers, or painting your walls a shade darker, remember that your space is an extension of you. It might be small, but with the right touches, it can mirror the vastness of your imagination, holding within it the echoes of the places you’ve been, the tales you carry, and the dreams you’re sculpting.

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Written by Brad Smith

CEO & Lead Interior Designer

Brad Smith is an experienced interior designer and the founder of With a Master's degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute and a passion for creating safe and healthy living spaces, Brad shares his expert insights and innovative design ideas with our readers. His work is driven by the belief that home is where every story begins.