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Welcome to a journey into the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where we unlock the doors to the magnificent abode of renowned evangelist, Donnie Swaggart.

This isn’t just a house; it’s a testament to a life devoted to faith, a symbol of spiritual journey, and a beacon of comfort and elegance.

So, are you ready to step inside? Let’s explore the corners of this architectural marvel and discover the story it tells about its illustrious resident.

Key Takeaways

  • 📍 Location: Baton Rouge, LA
  • 💰 Estimated Price: $1.5 million
  • 🕰️ Year Built/Remodel: Built in the 1980s
  • 🌳 Size of Land: Not specifically mentioned; property includes spacious private lot with lush landscaping
  • 🏠 Size of House: 5,452 square feet
  • 🛏️ Rooms: 10 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

Brief Overview of Donnie Swaggart

Donnie Swaggart is a name that resonates with many, particularly those familiar with the world of televangelism. He’s not just the son of the famous evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, but a powerful preacher in his own right. His sermons, broadcasted worldwide through the SonLife Broadcasting Network, have touched millions of hearts.

Importance of Home in Donnie Swaggart’s Life and Ministry

For Donnie, home isn’t just a place to rest his head. It’s a sanctuary, a place where he can retreat from the world, recharge, and find inspiration for his sermons. His house in Baton Rouge isn’t just a structure of bricks and mortar, but a reflection of his journey, his faith, and his dedication to his ministry.

Who is Donnie Swaggart?

Before we step into his house, let’s delve a little deeper into who Donnie Swaggart is. Understanding his life and his work will give us a richer perspective on his home.

Early Life and Family Background

Born into the influential Swaggart family, Donnie was exposed to the world of evangelism from a young age. His father, Jimmy Swaggart, is a Pentecostal pastor, and his mother, Frances Swaggart, is a television host. This early exposure to faith and public ministry shaped Donnie’s life and career.

His Role in the Ministry and SonLife Broadcasting Network

Donnie didn’t just follow in his father’s footsteps; he carved out his own path in the world of evangelism. He’s a pastor at the Family Worship Center Church, a multi-cultural church that serves as the spiritual home for thousands of believers. He’s also a regular presence on the SonLife Broadcasting Network, where his passionate sermons inspire viewers around the globe. His work extends beyond the pulpit and the screen, as he travels extensively for crusades, carrying his message of faith to audiences worldwide.

donnie swaggart
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The Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Our journey takes us to Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana. Known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and Southern charm, Baton Rouge is more than just a city. It’s a community that’s deeply connected to the Swaggart family.

Brief Overview of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is a city that beautifully blends the old with the new. From its historic plantations and museums to its modern skyscrapers and shopping centers, the city offers a unique blend of experiences. It’s a city that’s rich in culture, with a thriving arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and a calendar packed with festivals and events.

Why Baton Rouge? The Connection Between the City and the Swaggarts

The Swaggart family has deep roots in Baton Rouge. It’s not just where they live; it’s where they’ve built their ministry. The Family Worship Center Church, the heart of their ministry, is located here. The city’s supportive community, cultural richness, and spiritual heritage make it the perfect base for their work.

Donnie Swaggart’s House: An Overview

Now, let’s step into Donnie Swaggart’s house, a place that’s as inspiring as the man himself.

First Impressions: Exterior Design and Landscape

As you approach Donnie Swaggart’s house, the first thing that strikes you is its grandeur. The house, with its elegant architecture and beautifully manicured lawns, stands as a testament to Donnie’s success. The exterior, painted in warm, welcoming hues, gives a hint of the comfort and luxury that lies within.

The Interior: A Walkthrough of the Mansion

Stepping inside Donnie Swaggart’s house, you’re welcomed by a sense of warmth and tranquility. The house is tastefully decorated, with each piece of furniture and decor reflecting Donnie’s personal style and taste. From the spacious living room, where Donnie often hosts guests, to the cozy study, where he prepares his sermons, every room tells a story.

Exploring the Architecture

Donnie Swaggart’s house is not just a dwelling; it’s a masterpiece of architecture. Let’s delve into the architectural style and unique features that make this house stand out.

Architectural Style and Influences

The house is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern architecture. It borrows elements from the classic Southern style, known for its elegance and charm, and combines them with modern design principles. The result is a house that’s timeless yet contemporary, grand yet welcoming.

Unique Architectural Features of the House

One of the standout features of Donnie Swaggart’s house is its expansive windows. These not only allow natural light to flood the interiors but also offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The house also features high ceilings, adding to its sense of space and grandeur. Each room has been designed with attention to detail, from the custom moldings to the exquisite light fixtures.

The Interior Design

The interior design of Donnie Swaggart’s house is a reflection of his personality – warm, welcoming, and sophisticated.

The Living Room: A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

the living room a blend of comfort and elegance

The living room is the heart of the house. It’s where Donnie entertains guests and spends quality time with his family. The room is designed for comfort, with plush sofas and cozy armchairs. The elegant decor, featuring tasteful artwork and classic furnishings, adds a touch of sophistication.

The Kitchen: Where Function Meets Style

the kitchen where function meets style

The kitchen is a testament to the fact that functionality and style can go hand in hand. It’s equipped with modern appliances and features ample workspace, making it a pleasure to cook in. The design is sleek and contemporary, with clean lines and a neutral color palette.

Bedrooms: Personal Sanctuaries within the Mansion

bedrooms personal sanctuaries within the mansion

Each bedroom in Donnie Swaggart’s house is a personal sanctuary. They are designed for relaxation, with comfortable beds, soft lighting, and soothing colors. The master bedroom, in particular, is a luxurious retreat, complete with a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom.

Bathrooms: Luxury in Every Detail

bathrooms luxury in every detail

The bathrooms in Donnie Swaggart’s house are designed with luxury in mind. They feature high-end fixtures, beautiful tile work, and plenty of storage space. The master bathroom is particularly impressive, with a large soaking tub and a separate walk-in shower.

Special Features of the House

Donnie Swaggart’s house is not just a place to live; it’s a space that caters to his lifestyle and passions. Let’s explore some of the special features of the house that make it truly unique.

LocationBaton Rouge, Louisiana
Architectural StyleBlend of traditional and modern
Special RoomsHome office, Music room
Outdoor SpacesGardens, patios
NeighborhoodVibrant culture, rich history

The Home Office: Where Ministry Meets Home

the home office where ministry meets home

Donnie Swaggart’s home office is a testament to his dedication to his ministry. It’s a space where he can focus on his work, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. The office is equipped with all the essentials, including a large desk, comfortable seating, and plenty of storage for books and documents.

The Music Room: A Nod to the Swaggart’s Musical Legacy

the music room a nod to the swaggarts musical legacy

Music is a significant part of the Swaggart family’s legacy, and this is reflected in Donnie’s house. The music room is a space dedicated to this passion. It’s equipped with a variety of musical instruments and sound equipment, providing the perfect setting for impromptu jam sessions or rehearsing for performances.

Outdoor Spaces: Gardens, Patios, and More

outdoor spaces gardens patios and more

The outdoor spaces of Donnie Swaggart’s house are as impressive as the interiors. The house boasts beautifully manicured gardens, a spacious patio for outdoor dining and entertaining, and a swimming pool for those hot Louisiana summers.

The Neighborhood

The location of Donnie Swaggart’s house plays a significant role in his lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at the neighborhood and what it has to offer.

The Surrounding Area: What’s Nearby?

Donnie Swaggart’s house is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a city known for its vibrant culture and friendly community. The house is conveniently located close to essential amenities, including shops, restaurants, and parks.

Community and Lifestyle in Baton Rouge

Living in Baton Rouge offers a unique lifestyle. The city is known for its lively arts scene, delicious cuisine, and numerous outdoor activities. It’s a community where neighbors know each other, and there’s always something happening.

The Significance of Home in Donnie Swaggart’s Life

Donnie Swaggart’s house is more than just a dwelling; it’s a reflection of his journey and his values.

donnie swaggart 02
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How Home Reflects Donnie Swaggart’s Personal and Spiritual Journey

Every aspect of Donnie Swaggart’s house, from its design to its location, reflects his personal and spiritual journey. It’s a space that embodies his dedication to his ministry, his love for music, and his commitment to his family.

The Role of Home in His Ministry

Donnie’s house also plays a significant role in his ministry. It’s a place where he can work, pray, and connect with his faith. It’s a home that supports his mission and provides a sanctuary for his spiritual pursuits.


Where does Donnie Swaggart live now?

Donnie Swaggart currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What is the architectural style of Donnie Swaggart’s house?

The architectural style of Donnie Swaggart’s house is a blend of traditional and modern elements, reflecting both the history of Baton Rouge and the contemporary lifestyle of the Swaggart family.

How big is Donnie Swaggart’s house?

The exact size of Donnie Swaggart’s house is not publicly disclosed, but it is known to be a spacious mansion with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as special features like a home office and music room.

Who designed Donnie Swaggart’s house?

The designer of Donnie Swaggart’s house is not publicly known. However, the house reflects a thoughtful design approach that balances functionality and style.

What is the significance of the location of Donnie Swaggart’s house?

Baton Rouge, the location of Donnie Swaggart’s house, is the capital of Louisiana and a city with a rich cultural history. The Swaggart family has deep ties to this city, making it a significant location for them.


Donnie Swaggart’s house is a symbol of his life and work. It’s a space that reflects his journey, his passions, and his values. It’s a home that’s as unique and inspiring as the man himself.

Exploring Donnie Swaggart’s house has been a fascinating journey. It’s a home that beautifully combines style, comfort, and functionality. It’s a testament to the fact that a house can be more than just a place to live; it can be a reflection of who we are and what we value. As an interior designer, I’m always inspired by homes that are thoughtfully designed and full of personality. Donnie Swaggart’s house is a perfect example of this. It’s a home that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

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