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Las Vegas is a city that is known for its extravagance and over-the-top lifestyle. But tucked away in the northwest part of the city is a more subdued and down-to-earth neighborhood. This is where you’ll find the home of Danny Koker, star of History Channel’s “Counting Cars.”

Koker’s home is a modest one story house that blends in perfectly with the other homes in the neighborhood. Koker’s Las Vegas home is a lavish property that features a large garage filled with cars and motorcycles, as well as a backyard oasis with a pool, spa, and fire pit.

Danny Koker’s House: The Details

The Danny Koker house is a popular topic among fans of the show “Counting Cars.” Many people are curious to know what the inside of the house looks like and what features it has. The house is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and was built in 2001. It has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a swimming pool. It’s 6,000 square feet and cost $1.2 million to build.

Danny Koker House Address: Shadowleaf Ct, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Outside View of Danny’s House

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What Makes Danny Koker’s House So Special?

There are a few things that make Danny Koker’s house so special. One is that it is decorated with interesting and unique items from all over the world. Another is that it is full of family memories, which means a lot to Danny. Finally, the house has a really cozy and comfortable feel to it, which makes spending time there very enjoyable.

Why Does Danny Koker’s Home Look So Different?

Danny Koker, the star of “Counting Cars” on the History channel, is known for his love of classic cars and motorcycles. But his Las Vegas home is a bit of a mystery to fans of the show. While most of Koker’s house is decorated in a classic style, with leather furniture and wood paneling, one room is completely different. This room has bright colors and modern furniture, which seems out of place in comparison to the rest of the house.

So why does Danny Koker’s home look so different? According to Koker himself, he wanted to have a place where he could escape from all the classic cars and motorcycles. He calls this room his “man cave”, and says that it’s his favorite place in the house.

Where does Danny Koker currently live?

That is a question that many fans of the show “Counting Cars” want to know. Danny is one of the stars of the show, and he is known for his love of cars and his amazing skills when it comes to restoring them.

So where does Danny call home? It turns out that he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where the show is filmed, and it makes sense that he would want to live close to where the action is.

Las Vegas is a city that is known for its bright lights and its casinos. It is also a city that is growing rapidly, and it has something to offer everyone who visits. Danny seems to be enjoying life in Las Vegas, and it doesn’t look like he plans on leaving any time soon.


In conclusion, Danny Koker’s house in Las Vegas is a sight to behold. With its impressive collection of cars and motorcycles, as well as its luxurious furnishings, it is clear that Danny knows how to live the high life. If you are ever in the Las Vegas area, be sure to stop by Danny’s house and take a look for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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