6 Genius Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

A blank wall is all about possibility whether you live in a huge house or a smaller apartment. Blank walls offer a unique opportunity to display the things and elements that inspire and motivate you and let that interior design set the tone for your décor in the rest of the house. Here are some genius ways to decorate a blank wall no matter how large or small it is, or where it lies in the house. 

6 genius ways to decorate a blank wall

1. Utilize Shapes

Shapes are very powerful when it comes to crafting design concepts. You can create a mosaic with tile or with family photos or choose frames in different geometric shapes. Shapes are like textures, the more you incorporate in a space, the more visual variety is available for the onlooker. The same design concept of shapes can then trickle down to the rest of the interior design such as in the form of the furniture you choose and elements like vases or other art pieces. If you aren’t physically hanging something on your blank wall, you can get creative with some paint to make abstract shapes or even use wall decals in interesting shapes. 

2. Lacquer 

Lacquering the walls is a creative and fairly unusual way to dress up a blank wall and it can be done partially as well such as only lacquering half a wall which further elongates it. Choose a rich color like indigo, olive green or royal blue to make your living space appear high-value and super luxurious. If you are good with painting and straight lines, you can even apply the lacquer yourself without too much trouble. The color of the lacquer can be chosen based on the color of curtains or furniture to instill synergy into the overall design. 

3. Everyone Loves Photographs

Family photographs are sentimental and always a part of every loving home. Whether you have framed pet portraits or pictures of your children you can design a beautiful wall display with photographs. Arrange them like a mosaic or a gallery wall or even make the whole color scheme monochromatic using some free software online for a sophisticated, understated vibe. There are many ways to get creative with photographs as well such as deliberately positioning them around a door or window frame or to emphasize a certain work of art. If you have an ancestral portrait for example, you can combine the old and the new by blending in painting with black and white photos or even colored Polaroids. 

4. A Mural With The Kids 

Painting a mural is a wonderful activity to do with the family and contrary to popular opinion, it does need to be a particularly professional set up. Murals can be fun and sentimental with a lot of unique and creative color schemes at play. For the blank wall in your main living area, consider having a painting day with the kids and making shapes or figures that everyone finds comforting and pleasing to look at. Be sure to cover the fixtures and sockets and lay down some plastic before you start mixing paints. Personalized murals are also great for children’s bedrooms as the children can pick and choose cartoons and other characters that inspire them. Not to mention a watercolor pet portrait of a beloved dog or cat is a beautiful addition to any room or living space.

5. Curated Patterned Wallpaper

The sky is the limit when it comes to wallpaper and you certainly do not need to stop at one! You can go half and half with stunning patterns for a blank wall. Having a couple of different wallpapers intertwining in a single room is very visually interesting and unique. Patterned wallpaper can be matched with quirky furniture or other idyllic décor pieces and the colors used in the pattern can be similarly paired with the majority color scheme. Wallpaper that is increasingly becoming fashionable is rustic varieties or garden-related or other natural patterns that bring the outside-in or give an outdoorsy look to the main living area or bedroom. Look for plant and foliage related patterns for a tranquil vibe to your master bedroom. 

6. Fabric On Walls

Fabric is an underrated and under-utilized décor element for walls. If you fancy a tapestry, it is a stunning style to incorporate in your wall décor and upholstering the wall is a very fashionable way of using fabric to change the look of your blank wall entirely. Using suede or any other durable fabric in a rich, vibrant or even a muted color can be the perfect way of dressing up a blank wall.


In conclusion, there are many creative ways to decorate a blank wall that can transform the overall look of your living space. Utilizing shapes, lacquering the walls, using photographs, painting a mural with the kids, incorporating curated patterned wallpaper, and using fabric on the walls are all unique and innovative ways to add personality and interest to a blank wall. No matter your style or preference, there are various ways to make a blank wall stand out and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home.

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