6 Colors to Avoid When Decorating Your Dorm Room

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Living in a dorm, pretty much every student is looking for ways to decorate it. This is done due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, by decorating your new space, you can make it feel more personal and home-like, which can reduce the feeling of homesickness. Besides, it’s another way to express your personality and just get more comfortable in your dorm.

However, spending plenty of time and money on dorm room decor, students rarely consider their color choices. They pick decor elements they just like visually. And this could be a big mistake. 

The truth is that different colors have a specific effect on your brain and mood. While some of them can bring you an energy boost and positivity, others can cause more harm than good.

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6 colors to avoid when decorating your dorm room

Pastel Blue

In general, blue and its shades are considered to stand for peace, loyalty, competence, and trust. Still, pastel blue is a color that’s not recommended for dorms. 

This shade can feel unpleasantly chilly, especially if it’s put somewhere on your walls. This can create an unwelcoming and somewhat stressful atmosphere. It’s especially unrecommended if your space doesn’t have a lot of natural light.


Red is a powerful statement color that often looks very stylish on the interior. Besides, according to psychology, it’s a shade of excitement, love, strength, and energy. Due to this reason, students often pick decor elements that contain red. However, we have to warn you. 

Red (especially its brighter shades) is known to evoke very intense moods and feelings. Watching it every day can be too tiring and distracting, especially when you have to do a lot of work in your space. 

Of course, you can always delegate your tasks to a trusted essay writing service when you feel distracted. Still, red can lead to intense emotional swings that you don’t want to experience in college.


Orange is a shade of sociability, success, confidence, and bravery. When used in the interior, it’s believed to promote activity and evoke enthusiasm and excitement. Of course, these are generally positive effects. 

However, since you don’t just study in your dorm but also sleep there, it’s not recommended to use this color. Giving you a boost of energy, orange can make your room hard to relax in, which can affect your rest and sleep.

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Black is known as one of the most stylish, classy, and elegant shades of all. It stands for sophistication, formality, and security. But it also stands for dramatism. 

For most people, too many black elements in the interior can make a place feel too sharp and dramatic. Thus, it can evoke negative emotions, such as anger, loneliness, and sadness. Needless to say, students who experience plenty of stress and anxiety on a daily basis can suffer from such effects of black.


Just like other shades from the warm palette, such as orange or red, yellow also revs you up. Although it represents cheer, happiness, and creativity, it can also give your brain a signal of danger. Such vibrant shades make you extra cautious and anxious, which won’t contribute to your relaxation after a long day in college.

Fluorescent or Neon Colors

Striving to make bright statements in their interior, students often opt for fluorescent or neon shades. While these colors are often considered very bright, fun, and frivolous, they can cause quite a lot of harm. 

First of all, these are so in-your-face that they can become major distractions in your space. Secondly, these shades are artificial and can cause distress. And they are especially not recommended to use in small spaces because of how overwhelming they can feel.

The Bottom Line

Decorating your dorm room is a great idea to make it finally feel like home. However, it should never be done thoughtlessly. 

We know that as a student, you must lack time for thinking through your interior to details. However, you should better enlist help from the best paper writing services to save more time for this matter and do things right. And now you have a good starting point. 

When picking your decor, be sure to avoid these colors, and your space will not only look but also feel great!

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Written by Brad Smith

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