10 Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Home Office

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

You do not always have to spend a fortune to decorate your home, especially if you are converting one of your rooms into a home office. Whether painting an old desk, adding motivational quotes to your walls, or adding soft comforts such as faux-fur throws to your chairs, countless budget-friendly ideas can transform your office into a place that will streamline your productivity. Here are ten home office ideas to revamp your workspace without breaking the bank.

10 inexpensive ways to decorate your home office

Organize your devices 

You do not have to be a homeowner to decorate and change the space where you are living. Being a student with a room for rent in Irvine could be all you need to create the perfect working space. It does not have to be a complete overhaul to your space; even having a simple place to organize all of your hand-held devices can be the ideal way of creating a better working environment. Rather than buying a potentially expensive phone charging station, why not place your smart-screen devices into a letter holder? USB cables can be placed into paper clips on the edge of your desk, neatly arranged to allow you to access them when you desire. Never lose your device charger again. The beauty of a DIY solution to your home office decor is that it should be fun, practical, and the perfect way of repurposing an otherwise neglected item.

Stay organized

Staying on track and knowing when your deadlines are is paramount when working remotely. You can use PVC or acrylic signs in your office space as a decorative and practical solution. Incorporating a calendar into these signs allows you to write down any tasks that need to be completed, then erase them when necessary using a dry-erase marker.

Transform your trunk

Your home office should look different from the lifeless corporate zone that the work office vibe brings. Add personality to your workspace by transforming a trunk into a filing cabinet. Add legs and a file frame system to the trunk to promote the practical elements required for such an item, but after that, let your creative side run wild. Feel free to decorate and color in any way you deem fit. There is nothing like upcycling unused items to give them a new sense of life, style, and purpose.

transform your trunk

Upcycle your desk

The majority of your working time is going to be spent sitting at your desk, so why not make it amazing to look at? Do not be subjected to dull colors, splash on a new lease of life and revamp it with a new shade. If you want to remodel your office, painting your desk is a game changer, saving you money and time but making dramatic changes to the overall aesthetic of the room. Upcycling furniture is a game changer that saves money and brings a massive sense of achievement.

Add some glamour

If you are someone who appreciates cheap office decorating tips, you are sure to love this. Get a glamorous, modern look with a faux-fur throw for your office chair. You will instantly transform a potentially cold room into something more cozy and inviting. If you enjoy sitting in ergonomically designed chairs, you will love this extra addition of style and comfort. 

The best thing about a faux-fur chair is it does not have to be expensive, as you can make it yourself. Buy a piece of fabric from your nearest fabric store and glue it onto your chair with a hot glue gun. Cut off any excess material, and just like that – you have the chair of your dreams. There is undoubtedly nothing better after a hard day with your DIY efforts than sitting back and relaxing in your newly decorated chair.

Print a funny quote on the wall

Get yourself in the working mindset by adding motivational quotes or uplifting sayings to your walls. Vinyl lettering can be a terrific way to put you in the right frame of mind to ensure you work to the best of your abilities each time you enter your office. This is the ideal decor tip for anyone looking to introduce a positive sentiment to their office. Trendy, inexpensive, and an exciting way to enhance your interior. If vinyl letters aren’t your thing, why not try foam board printing or a gator board sign?

Decorate those walls

If you feel that painting an accent on your wall will be too big of a job, a great alternative is to install wall decals. Walls decals will instantly revitalize your home office, turning it into a new space. The best thing is that wall stickers are easy to apply and remove, making it simple to change things up whenever the mood takes you. It is an effortless solution to revamp and redesign your home office, giving it that extra style you have always yearned for.

fairy light up the place

Fairy-light up the place

Fairy lights can transform any space they are in, giving you cozy Christmas cheer all year. This lighting solution is the perfect option for those who love easy-to-apply glitz and glamour to their home, along with wall art and prints. Position your fairy lights around your desk to highlight your working area, or illuminate on an accent wall to add appeal to other areas. 

Paintings & prints

Painting and prints are the perfect way to express a sense of cuteness in your home office. Mini canvases and artworks do not have to be hung on the wall. A stylish alternative is to rest them on shelves. Have each art piece match the feeling you want your workspace to emit. If you want to show off some of your personality, you can opt for acrylic photo prints, instantly transforming your office into a gallery of your favorite work. 

Utilize mason jars

Nearly all of us have mason jars lying around the house, in cupboards, or on shelves. Grab one or two and organize your supplies into varying pots. Why not spray the lids in bronze or gold for a vintage look? Mason jars can also double up as vases for flowers. Plants and greens are a great way to instill a feeling of nature into your working space, keeping things fresh.


Now that you know how to decorate your home office, it is time to turn the idea into a reality. Grab a paintbrush, hammer, and nails and create a room with as much flair as you have, helping to boost your productivity with each visit. The great thing about opting for a budget-friendly way to change the look of your office is that it can be truly unique to your style and needs, making it the perfect place to be.

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Written by Brad Smith

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