How to Replace Light Bulb in Range Hood

Almost all range hoods come with flat, circular light bulbs underneath the hood (mostly at front corners) that light the cooking area under the hood.

These light bulbs may burn out over time and need replacement. We are providing tips on changing the light bulb in the range hood as well as choosing a light bulb.

Buying a proper replacement light bulb for the range hood

Most of the range hoods are equipped with halogen lights. But, it’s possible to replace these lamps with modern LED lights. They are not only cool, but also last for a long time. Either type can work well in your range hood.

Halogen VS LED range hood light bulbs

Even though halogen bulbs are best for directing brighter light on the specific spot, like your stovetop where you cook your meals.

They are not only energy efficient, but also feature “instant start”.

So the moment you switch on the light, it glows up in your range hood. There is no need for the bulb to first warm up as with many CFL lamps.

They are also dimmable. So if your range hood has a dimmer, halogen bulbs would be the best choice.

led light bulb for range hood

LED light bulbs

LED lights are becoming popular because they have a long life (28-30 times longer) than halogen and also save energy. They also feature instant start. These days, people prefer LED bulbs because they are cool to touch. When you’re cooking for your family in the kitchen, you won’t have to worry about you or your child accidentally touching LED bulb on the range hood and burning himself.

halogen light bulb for range hood

halogen light bulbs

Buy proper light bulb size for your range hood

Therefore, when you’re switching to a LED bulb, make sure you know the size of halogen bulb in your range hood before you go to buy a new LED. The dimensions of the bulb socket can be different, and your might find your LED bulb is oversized and doesn’t fit precisely into the range hood.

Range Hood Light Bulb Replacement

1. Removing the old light bulb from the range hood

First step in range hood light bulb replacement is to remove the old light bulb:

  • First ensure that your vent is off and quickly disconnect power. This step is important for protecting you, as well as your vent hood. 
  • Now take a simple piece of tape (painter’s tape or masking tape) and form a small loop/circle by sticking both its ends together. Be sure to have its sticky side facing outwards. 
  • Stick this tape to the lens of the range hood lamp and pinch its opposite side together to form a sort of “handle” that is easy to grasp.
  • You can also buy a bulb suction cup from nearby hardware store for this purpose. Now grasp the tape and gently push up on the hood lamp. Turn it clockwise. Take care not to apply too much force on the lamp as its glass can easily break.
  • Once you feel the lamp is out of the socket, gently pull it out the rest of the way from range hood socket.

How to remove covered fixtures of the range hood

If your range hood comes with covered fixtures, you will have to first remove the plastic cover. Now grasp the bulb and gently twist down and away. Never apply excessive force on the glass as it can easily break.

How to remove the starter of the range hood

Many models have starters. You can remove them easily by turning the starter counter clockwise (while looking into the starter. Now replace this starter with the type of starter used in your hood.

2. Installing a new lamp in your range hood

  • Buy the same type of bulb as the one you’re planning to replace. You can do this online or from your nearby hardware store. 
  • Insert this lamp gently into the socket.
  • Stick the circular tape on the lamp, and follow all the steps discussed for removing the range hood lamp
  • Now turn this lamp counter-clockwise to tighten it into the range hood.

Broan Range Hood Light Bulb Replacement

As an example, I am showing you a video of how to replace a halogen bulbs in Broan Elite range hood model bellow:

Important advice for range hood light bulbs

Common LED bulbs found in many retail or online stores have ambient air temperature limit of 50 degrees C or less. During cooking, the air under the range hood can have temperature in the range of 75-80 degree C. This will definitely compromise the life of the LED bulb, so it won’t work for long. Therefore, you should replace your halogen lamp in range hood with LED bulbs that are specifically meant for range hoods. You can easily buy such bulbs from the market.

These days many range hoods are designed with LED lighting and may not experience any of these issues. In fact, you will enjoy all the benefits of perfectly clean, crisp LED lighting and may never have to replace the bulb ever again! If you want LED lighting over your cook top, and are in process to replace your old range hood, buy a latest range hood designed with LEDs.

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