5 Essential Homeowner Tools For Garden Maintenance

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

After everything’s said and done, gardening is a fun pastime for many people. And for homeowners who still have extra space to spare in their yard, they have the freedom to get their gardening hobby started. Although, as fun, as it is to think about which plants you should put in your garden, maintaining it now falls into your hands. After all, some plants tend to go wild without proper care, while others are extremely sensitive to their environment.

Because of their needs, your plants must receive the proper care they deserve, regardless of whether they’re as plain as hedges or beautiful as flower bushes. Naturally, considering their delicate nature, using gardening tools is a must when handling them. Otherwise, you could seriously damage them from mishandling or you could severely hurt yourself in the process.

homeowner tools for garden maintenance

Admittedly, various gardening tools headline hardware stores, whether they’re power tools or traditional ones. And considering how much work is needed to transform your garden into something right out of a fairy tale book, doing so will demand a lot of equipment to do what’s necessary—not to mention time-consuming. However, if all you want to do is provide the basics in looking after your garden, you can settle with the essentials, such as the following:

1. Gloves

Gardening is a hands-on kind of job. Thus, you must get your hands dirty to make any progress. Since there are all sorts of plants, you’re likely to find some that aren’t as dangerous as they seem, whereas others may look unassuming until you come into contact with them. But considering you’re only taking care of a home garden, the only hazards you might encounter are thorns or splinters after doing a home safety check and seeing dead trees everywhere.  

If that’s the case, wearing protective gear is a must. After all, gardening is supposed to be a therapeutic experience. Getting hurt the entire time you’re fixing up the place will only counteract your attempts at relaxation. Putting on protective gear – primarily a pair of gloves – is guaranteed to improve your experience.  

2. Watering Can

No living organism can survive without water from start to finish. Even succulents like cacti still need water to stay healthy. Therefore, investing in a watering can should be high on your list of things to buy right under protective gear. Admittedly, purchasing a hose with an adjustable nozzle sounds much better than a simple watering can. After all, there’s no need to go back and forth when it’s already connected to a water source.  

But be that as it may, those who prefer watering cans might think about how much of a tripping hazard it’ll be for rolls of the hose to be strewn about. Thus, using a watering can will allow you more mobility while ensuring that nothing gets in the way of watering your plants. And it doesn’t hurt that watering cans have so many cute designs you can choose from.  

3. Trowel

While you’re supposed to get your hands dirty, that doesn’t mean you should have your hands dirty, especially when you can find several digging tools on the market. However, since you’re only using it for garden maintenance, all you need is a trowel. Because despite how small it is compared to shovels, it can already do everything you need to do for your garden.

From removing weeds to planting new seeds, trowels are already capable of whatever you need to do. However, despite generally being smaller than shovels, purchasing a trowel isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if you’re looking for tools to start a garden. Because if you didn’t know, you must be mindful of its features, namely its measuring gauges or the length of its handles. Randomly picking the first trowel you see could affect the conditions for your plants, thus influencing their quality.

4. Pruners

Although it’s worth celebrating to see your garden flourishing, there’s a fine line between healthy growth and an overgrown mess. Since the latter is less than ideal, pruning is the best way to keep your garden under control. After all, having a garden means aligning it to your preferences. Hence, if you want to mold your garden after something, pruning allows you to shape it however you want.  

5. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows might not get as much action as trowels or watering cans, especially in gardening. However, once you have a pile of soil or any heavy equipment that needs moving, you can always count on your trusty wheelbarrow to haul those off to the side. Furthermore, it can also serve as your mixer when you need cement for a project. It’s safe to say, wheelbarrows are versatile gardening equipment, which is why they deserve a place in your garage.


Gardening is a great way to de-stress at the end of the day. Because not only does it keep your mind busy with something else, but giving your hands something to do also stimulates the brain. Since you’re a homeowner, you can either start a garden from scratch or have someone else do it. But regardless of your choice, maintaining it falls into your hands. Fortunately, you can find tools in the market that are up for the task.

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Written by Brad Smith

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