Stylish Roofing Options: Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Many considerations go into the curb appeal of your house from the quality of landscaping to the exterior paint and the roof features more or less on top of this list. Here are a few stylish roofing options that can elevate the entire structure, make your house look much more valuable and also prevent problems in the interior such as mold spores and water damage. 

stylish roofing options elevate your homes curb appeal

Learn The Value of Curbside Appeal

Regardless of whether you are trying to put your house on the market or not, the curbside appeal is how valuable and beautiful your house seems to onlookers who may or may not go inside. The curb appeal adds to the general value of the neighborhood and market prices of each individual property in an area are greatly influenced by that. If you choose to invest in improving and upgrading the exterior of your home you will rapidly increase the value and aesthetic of your house and it will be appreciated by guests and neighbors alike. 

How Can A Roof Improve Curb Appeal?

A common question on the minds of homeowners is how the roof can improve curb appeal as it tends to be a major investment when one decides to remodel or rebuild it. The fact of the matter is that roofs are a very large and visible part of the exterior and if they are stylish and in-keeping with modern, sustainable ideologies, they can make a house more expensive as well as reduce energy bills and prompt savings. Not to mention, a beautiful house is a source of joy for anyone who passes by it. 

The Beauty of Cedar Shake 

Cedar shakes are a type of wooden shingles that give a gorgeous, rustic, faded look and they have become popular as the rustic style has captured the imagination of millions globally for everything from weddings to home décor. Cedar shake shingles are wonderfully unique as in each varies from the other. They tend to be processed in large numbers by hand increasing their value and visual allure. For people that cannot afford cedar shake shingles, synthetic varieties can also be used and may last the same way for just as long. 

Wooden shingles are typically a choice for warmer areas where natural wood is abundant especially if sustainable forestry is taking place. Cedar shingles can also be reclaimed thereby reducing a detrimental impact on the environment. The faded, natural grains of wood look stunning and upscale as well as casual and rustic at the same time and do wonders for any home’s curb appeal. These shakes tend to be lightweight and long-lasting but do require regular maintenance as is usually the case with wooden shingles. 

The Use of Luxury Asphalt 

Asphalt is a cost-effective and common roofing material that has been used for decades in all manner of houses particularly suburban ones. Luxury asphalt is a variety that has been treated to look like natural materials like slate thereby increasing its value. Slate generally looks classic and beautiful and luxury asphalt can impart that look without the high price tag. Luxury asphalt shingles tend to be larger in size so installation time is greatly reduced and through that contractor fees are lessened too. 

Uber-Modern Metal 

Metal roofing is making its way to more and more homes especially due to the sheer multitude of colors and finishes that can be adopted. Metal lends a futuristic, high-tech feel to any modern home which is an aesthetic many homeowners want to emulate right now. Black metal sheets are the most popular especially in new age sustainable homes that are trying to protect the environment. Metal is recyclable to the ends of the Earth so many people feel better about using it in their home rebuilds and remodels. 

Apart from the stylish look, metal can reduce energy bills, can be used for rainwater harvesting and frees the homeowner from repeated repairs as it lasts easily 50 to 70 years with minimal care. Tin, zinc, galvanized steel, copper, steel, and aluminum are some of the common metal types used for roofing sheets or shingles. The type is chosen according to budget and look. Metal roofing can be up there in cost but it definitely counts as a long-term investment that will elevate your curb appeal greatly. 

Reimagining Slate

Slate has been a common roofing material for centuries due to its beauty, light weight and durability. Slate has been making a comeback since homeowners can get tremendous value for money with slate shingles lasting 50 to a 100 years easily. Slate is also harder to crack when compared with ceramic or terracotta and it looks a lot more expensive since it is a natural rock with irregular veining and gorgeous color transitions. 

Slate has been used historically for palaces, important buildings, churches and luxury homes so it can boost your curb appeal like no other. For a time in history the popularity of slate went down as cheaper alternatives popped up but now it has picked up again since slate is easier to extract and process than ever before. Reclaimed slate from older buildings can also be purchased for having a sustainable roof remodel in your home. A Chilliwack roofer can be consulted about the pros and cons of using any material for your roof. 

Composite Roofing Materials 

Composite shingles are synthetic types made from plastic and other similar materials. Very durable yet stylish, composite roofing shingles give an upscale look without the expenditure. The way composite shingles are manufactured, they can emulate natural grains and imperfections, making them look like wood or slate. 


If you are undertaking a comprehensive home remodel, do not forget about the roof since it not only increases curb appeal, it impacts the long-term health of your house. A sensibly installed new roof will reduce changes of mold or water damage and even pest invasions happening in your attic or basement. A new sustainable roof design also opens up new possibilities such as saving water and harvesting solar power.

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Written by Brad Smith

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