How to Keep an Organized and Well-Maintained Wardrobe

Your style may look effortless, but any man who consistently gets his look right knows that a lot of work goes into that. The planning and preparation for what you will wear each day goes beyond picking out something the night before. In order to keep your look sophisticated, you have to plan ahead, make sure that you have the right clothes and accessories ready to wear, and ensure they are cleaned and prepped for when you need them.

Proper wardrobe organization makes life much easier on guys who are trying to maintain a stylish appearance. Here are some tips to help you keep your closet organized.

how to keep an organized and well maintained wardrobe

1. Trim off the Excess

The biggest impediment to a clean, organized, and well-maintained wardrobe is an overstuffed closet. How can you find what you are looking for if your closet is packed out and there is no room to move anything around? When you have to take items out of the closet to clearly see what you have, then you are wasting valuable time and giving yourself more work.

You will probably stress yourself out as well, and the tight storage space will not be good for your clothing. If your suits and shirts are pressed tightly together in the closet, they will not stay ironed and presentable. With plenty of space, your clothes have breathing room. They will last longer and look better.

We recommend regularly going through your wardrobe and getting rid of clothes you no longer want or use and eliminating clothes that are past their shelf life. Store them away or give them away so that you have space to easily look through your wardrobe.

For a more organized look, create space in the closet between your different outfits or types of clothing. If you arrange the closet by color, you can make space between each color. This gives you room to add in clothes from the laundry as they are cleaned and keep things organized.

2. Use Excellent Hangers

Not all hangers are the same, and you want to pair each piece of clothing with the right hanger. Suits should get broad, thick hangers, while pants should be placed on designated pant hangers that help them retain their seams. Using cheap hangers can damage your clothes, discolor them, and cause them to lose their ready-to-wear look. It is worth investing in high quality hangers for the preservation of your clothing.

3. Clean the Closet

A clean closet gives you a well preserved wardrobe. Part of wardrobe maintenance is to make certain that the place they are stored is clean and sanitary. If there is mold or pests in the closet, then they can damage your clothing over time. A dirty closet can create unpleasant smells that stick to the clothes and are hard to wash out. Part of looking your best and being presentable is smelling fresh. A well-cleaned closet makes it easier to be tidy and attractive.

You might want to consider using NYC professional house cleaners to keep your closet and home looking tidy. They will know how to get rid of unwanted smells and prevent stains and other damage to your clothing. If you care about having an attractive wardrobe, you should take some time and effort and keep your closet and other storage areas clean.  

4. Organize Sensibly

There are numerous ways you can arrange and organize your clothing in the closet, but which way is the best? Should you arrange them by color, by style, or by clothing type? Should you sort your outfits into different days of the week?

You will have to find a method that works best for you. How you organize them should make sense to you. If you tend to choose outfits based on color, then it would be sensible to arrange them by color. If you are less picky about colors and just want to easily find each different type of clothing and accessory, then you should probably arrange your closet by clothing type. That would mean all the shirts on one side and all the pants on the other side, for example.

Choose the organization method that saves you time and causes as little frustration as possible. Finding what is right for you may mean attempting a few different methods until you come across one that works well.

5. Clean According to Care Instructions

You may be tempted to throw all of your clothing into the same washing cycle each time, but that’s going to cause some problems, especially with fine clothing. Pay close attention to the wash and care instructions on the clothing labels. Some clothes are dry clean only, and others require tumble dry or gentle washing cycles.

If you ignore the care instructions, then you can cause the colors to run or make your clothes wear out quickly. Be especially careful with suit coats, which can be torn when put into a normal wash cycle with other clothes. Some clothing cleans best when it is washed separately, and some will need to be hand washed. Caring for each item of clothing according to its washing instructions will be extra work for you, but you will save money on clothing by not having to buy new clothes so often. Plus, your wardrobe will look better for longer. Using the wrong wash cycle or not caring for your clothes properly can take the beauty out of their appearance and make them look washed out, rumpled, and saggy.

You should even take care when ironing your clothes, as some will need to be ironed on a low heat setting and others will require a high heat setting.

A well maintained wardrobe that is organized and clean will help you to look your very best. If you want to make a good impression, keep up a stylish appearance, and make it easy to find the clothes you are going to wear each day, then take some time to care and tidy your wardrobe. You will be glad you did.

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