The Impact of Home Design on Effective Learning Environments

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

The learning process is a very delicate thing, and sometimes people don’t even understand how many different aspects it has that should be considered. It is a very widespread idea that a good teacher is a guarantee of high results and that if the headmaster manages to find a very creative teacher, an effective learning environment will appear after that automatically.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. And we have a great example thanks to Covid19 pandemic. Most educational institutions didn’t have any other choice and started giving lessons online.

The teachers were the same, but in some cases, the effectiveness of the learning process decreased considerably. It sounds like a mystery, but actually, it is something rather obvious.

The reason is that the lessons were held online, meaning that most of the students were staying at home and not at school, college, or university.

This shows us that the place where the lesson takes place is also very important. Can we somehow influence it? Of course, we can.

In this article, we tried to show you the impact of home design on creating an effective learning environment, and we hope that after reading it, you will be able to implement some changes in order to create an effective environment. And considering the fact that studying from home is rather similar to working from home, this article can be helpful for many readers.    

the impact of home design on effective learning environments


If you say that your school desk was not the most comfortable creation of engineering, we will believe you. When our parents were going to schools and colleges, it seemed that the desks and chairs were created to torture students and make them think that studying is a very difficult process that can’t bring joy.

The great thing is that nowadays, when designing new schools or introducing some changes in the existing ones, designers are starting to consider the comfort of both teachers and students. And you should do the same. Usually, when students were choosing the spot for their workplace after the beginning of online education, they didn’t consider their comfort; they thought about the place where the noises created by family members can’t be heard, where your cat will not try to block you in camera showing all your classmates what gorgeous fur it has. And, of course, the quality of the connection is considered.

So, pretty often, students study from some little closets, just like Harry Potter when he was living with muggles. If you want to have a great learning environment, we recommend you find a place in your house with a lot of light and with comfortable furniture. If you worry about the sounds, then inform your family members about your timetable. We are sure that it’s always possible to find a compromise and postpone your little sister’s piano classes while you have online lectures.   

Don’t study in your room 

Well, at least it is highly recommended not to study sitting in your bed with the laptop. Of course, you can ask why, as it can be the most comfortable place in your house. Well, the comfort from the point of view of relaxing and working are two different things. And there is a great chance that instead of listening to your teacher or writing an essay for your next lesson, you will fall asleep. In such a case, instead of watching funny videos or liking the new pics of “that cute quarterback of your school football team”, you will Google Speedypaper social media trying to agree on the price and deadline of your essay. So, you have to understand that the educational process can’t be too relaxed. Studying is an important thing, so your treatment and behavior should correspond.  

Consider the colors

If you or your parents were thinking about doing some renovations in your house, organizing your study zone can be a perfect excuse. If you haven’t read the studies about the influence of different colors on the activity of our brain, you should definitely do it. In a nutshell, when our eyes see each color, the receptors in our brains react differently. Some colors can activate your wish to study, others can make you bored, and because of the others, you will be constantly distracted. 


Well, yes, we know that special desks and chairs cost a fortune, and in most cases, you have to make an order and wait. But considering that it will help you or your child to save posture and perfect eyesight and you will get rid of the reason of many potential health problems, instead of dealing with their consequences, we think that buying a desk and chair for studying can be a good investment. Well, it’s also important not to forget about gadgets of high quality. Yes, they can be considered mostly like accessories, but together with comfortable furniture, it makes the learning environment more effective. 

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Written by Brad Smith

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