The William E. Drummond House, Illinois

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I actually got my Wright Plus photos up in the same year that we attended the tour!  If you’re not familiar with Wright Plus, it is a tour of homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright and other noted American architects that is a fund raiser for the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.  The homes that you’re able to tour are not normally open to the public.  For some of these homes, this is the only chance you can ever tour them.  We’ve gone for a few years now and have never been disappointed.  This year was amazing… the best yet!  Read on to see why….

In 1910, William Drummond built a home for himself that acted both as a home and as his studio.  Drummond was the lead draftsman for Wright’s first architectural  practice.

This home was originally based on a wright design for a fire-proof house for under $5000 that was published in 1907.  The materials were wood and stucco instead of concrete, so the house was far from fireproof.  it was involved in a fire at one point in its lifetime.    This home is beautiful.  It is wonderfully maintained and decorated.  It has a wonderful open feel to it.  The Wright influence is apparent in the way the house is so open and flows from room to room.    This is definitely one of the gems of this tour.

Built by William Drummond in 1912, it is a great example of Drummond’s style.  The flow from room to room shows a lot of Wright’s influence.  This home is very livable.  The outside is not ornate in any way, but the interior is beautifully maintained and tastefully decorated.  I really enjoyed touring this home and learning more about William Drummond.

Notice the chains that run from the corner gutters.  These are used to guide the water to the ground since it would be a shame to use down spouts on such a beautiful home.

Thanks for reading about this year’s Wright Plus tour.  We had fun and learned a lot.  Traveling with Lisa, Laura and John on these trips is really fun and adds to the fun of the weekend.

Stay tuned for pictures and commentary on the renovation of the Robie house!  That should be here soon!

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Written by Peter Beers*

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