Dare To Be Different With These Home Accessories

Brad Smith
Written By Brad Smith

Are you courageous enough to be unique? You should do it – conformity and following the crowd are dull.

Our interior decoration allows us to express ourselves. We’ve switched from neutral colors to bold aesthetics. But we know not everyone is ready to spend big bucks on large-scale changes.

We want to focus on small changes with home accessories that will take you off the beaten path. 

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dare to be different with these home accessories

Religion or Spirituality

Introducing religion or spirituality into the household gives a quiet and meaningful environment. Spiritual accessories have depths on which décor can rely, whether someone belongs to any particular faith or simply enjoys peace of mind from such materials.

Shabbat Candlesticks are amazing for any house, especially if you love winding up your day by lighting candles or even after doing house cleaning on a big day. For those who get it, they will just get it. These candlesticks come in numerous designs, from simple and less noticeable ones to intricately designed pieces of art.

Buddhist singing bowls meant for meditation are another example of religious articles; their sound helps compose nerves and bring calmness to yourself and the environment.

There are other examples that you can find online.

Artworks That Don’t Belong Together

Art is powerful – a good piece can and will transform your home or at least one wall. It brings it alive!

Instead of wanting mass-produced prints, go for several distinctive artworks that tell their own stories, capturing attention.

Vintage posters, modern sculptures, or hand-made tapestries give walls great identities while looking for artists locally or shopping in markets and galleries where you can select what appeals most uniquely to you. Make it something that you resonate with deep down inside without forgetting what color scheme suits the rest of the house’s interior décor: don’t be too daring.

Alternatively, you could create a gallery wall by mixing frames and styles together. It’s as exciting looking as it is to design.

Bold Furniture Choices

Why go for the ordinary when there are bold furniture choices that stand out? Unique furniture can be the center of attraction in any room and uplift the space to demonstrate your courage and sense of fashion.

For example, think about using things like an elaborate wooden chair, an unusual coffee table, or even a deep, dark, jewel-toned, rich-hued velvet sofa. There’s so much character! These items are practical and add a bit of drama and class to home furnishing.

Vintage and antique furniture adds historical appeal and sweetness to your house. You can pick unique pieces from markets or antique stores that have personalities with a story to tell behind each one. You never know what can be found at an antique store!

Your home has to be original – don’t follow! Find your own flow, including personal interior decor preferences, which work best for you. If anything, we’d say 2024 would be the perfect year to get daring by putting on some pretty wild home accessories and general home design.

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Written by Brad Smith

CEO & Lead Interior Designer

Brad Smith is an experienced interior designer and the founder of OmniHomeIdeas.com. With a Master's degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute and a passion for creating safe and healthy living spaces, Brad shares his expert insights and innovative design ideas with our readers. His work is driven by the belief that home is where every story begins.