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Range hoods vented outside are a great way to remove odors , heat, smoke, and moisture from your house when cooking.

They are mounted right above the cooktops, and are equipped with a fan that can pull air through the ducts and finally outside the kitchen.

There are many non-ducted range hoods that simply re-circulate the air after cleaning it through their charcoal filters.

While vent hoods are not required by local building codes in most states, cooking without them may lead to stagnating smells and smoke in the kitchen, or maybe the entire house.

Their airflow capacity of range hoods is rated in CFM or cubic feet per minute.

For precise sizing, it’s important how to properly calculate CFM for vent hoods. It’s important to purchase range hood that moves sufficient air to be effective.

Bellow I will show how to calculate and pick the proper CFM of a kitchen range hood. 

How to Calculate Range Hood CFM & Fan Size

Ideally, a hood fan should be able to move minimum of 120 CFM air for each 12 inches of stove’s width. That means, if your kitchen has a 32 inches wide stove, you will need a hood equipped with a fan that can move at least 320 CFM of air.

32 inch wide cooking stove X 100 = 320 CFM should be the min vent hood fan size.

For final calculation, take a larger CFM range hood rating for your stove width, stove burner, and room size. Also add additional CFMs required for the ductwork to arrive at the minimum CFM vent hood to buy.

In the above example, if your kitchen area has a 35 inches stove (300 CFM minimum) in a 15 feet x 15 feet x 8 feet room (555 CFM minimum), and a 45,000 BTU gas stove (450 CFM minimum), you would need a fan rated at 600 CFM or higher, plus 150 CFM for the ductwork for a total of 750 CFM or more.

Calculate CFM considering the Room Size

kitchen room size

It’s important to consider the kitchen’s actual size (in cubic feet) while calculating the perfect size of hood fan necessary, since a larger kitchen areas would need more venting to properly clear the air than a small room.

Your range hood should have power to exchange the kitchen’s air at least 20 times an hour or every ten minutes. For instance, if your kitchen is 18 inches long and 18 inches wide with an 10 inches ceiling, it would contain 2,155 cubic feet.

18 inches wide x 18 inches long x 8 inches high = 2,155 cubic feet

To find the exact fan size for your kitchen, multiply the room’s cubit feet area by number of air exchanges 20, and then divide this number by number of minutes in an hour (60).

Calculate CFM considering the Gas Stove

gas stove oven

Your gas stove burners produce more heat than an electric range, so if your kitchen has a gas stove, it will require a larger capacity hood vent fan.

You can calculate the fan size for your gas stove by combining BTU ratings for all your stove burners (they range between 4,000-16,000 BTU) with an average of about 10,500 BTU per burner and a total of about 42,000 for a four stove gas burner. Now divide this number by 100 and you will get CFM required for your kitchen with a gas stove.

Calculate CFM considering the Range Hood Ductwork

ductwork size

The shape, size, turns, length, and cap on the vent hood ductwork adds some resistance which reduces the amount of air a range hood fan can remove, requiring additional CFM for the fan.

When you’ve used a round 8 inches diameter, smooth metal pipe, just add one CFM per foot of this pipe, and 30 CFM for every elbow, and 55 CFM for a roof cap.

For instance, if your vent pipe is 15 inches long with three elbows and a roof cap, you will need to add 130 CFM more to the range hood’s fan size ratings above:15 pipe length + 30 elbow + 30 elbow + 55 roof cap = 130 CFM

Should Your Range Hood be wider than Cooktop?

cooktop width

It’s best to choose a range hood 1.4-1.6 times wider than the cooking area of your kitchen stove. This calculation holds true especially for induction cooktops.

If your induction cooktop is 55 cm wide in a 65 cm counter top, make sure your range hood is at least 80 cm wide.

If your cooking area is 75 cm, then your hood should be at least 110 cm wide.

For any kitchen island with an induction cooker, a free-hanging hood needs to be twice as wide as the entire cooking area.

It’s important to consider the cooking hood filter area, but since this information is not always available, it’s best to focus on the overall width of the range hood which is a readily available indicator.

How to Choose the Correct Width of Range Hood?

The width of your range hood is important for its efficient functioning. The real cooking zone is much narrower than the kitchen stove. If you’re using just one pan, the best solution is to place your pan in the middle. But most cookers come with fixed rings, therefore the range hood needs to be wide enough such that it effectively spans all the cooking rings.

The hob (stove) type is important. When you’re using an induction stove, you need a wider range hood than for traditional stove types. It should be placed high to catch most of the steam and cooking grease before it spreads to the entire kitchen.

Distance between the range hood and stove. It’s best to buy a range hood that’s around 55 percent wider than your stove, providing about 90-100 cm between hood and stove. This ensures efficient removal of cooking smells and hot air from the kitchen. This is important especially for induction stove where steam can spread further. The higher distance from worktop to range hood the wider the hood needs to be.

It’s necessary to mount your vent hood high enough. After all, you want to stand comfortably while cooking from you can easily see your pans and pots.

How to Increase the Efficiency of your Range Hood?

If you feel your range hood doesn’t extract as well as it should, you would like to boost its performance for better efficiency and cleanliness in your kitchen. We are providing few tips that can increase the efficiency of your range hood.

  • Clean your range hood’s grease filters on regular basis. Your range hood has grease filters housed at the bottom where most of the grease gets captured. It’s important that these grease filters operate at their maximum efficiency. Therefore, you need to ensure their holes are not blocked by grease. Its’ easy to clean the range hood filters in a dishwasher. Always go by the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Before you start cooking-turn your hood on. This is the simplest tip that most people overlook! Before you even start peeling your vegetables and washing your vegetables, turn on your hood to its lowest speed. This will ensure circulation of the air in your kitchen. When you start cooking, the airflow in the kitchen is already moving and you won’t need to activate the higher speed levels on the hood (unless you’re doing heavy frying or burn something). This will also keep your range hood quiet and nice-give it a go!
  • Replace charcoal filters. If your range hood is not ducted, it may have charcoal filters. These sit right behind the grease filters or maybe they are attached to the hood’s motor. Have a close look at the hood’s instruction booklet to discover ways to regularly replace the charcoal filters. However, ducted range hood don’t need such filters, so they may have a different cleaning process. 
  • Leave your hood switched on after you’ve finished cooking. When you’ve finished cooking your food, leave your hood running for few minutes. This will help in removing the residual odors from your kitchen. Many hoods have a timer that will automatically switch them off after a certain period of time. Other unique features include Hi-tech sensor control that controls the hood and turns it off once all smells in the kitchen have been removed. 
  • Have a look at the type of ducting is used. The ducting used in your range hood will have a big impact on its performance. So ensure right sized ducting is used. You can get more information on this topic from your hood manufacturer. Check to see that no concertina type ducting or reducers are being used-they dramatically reduce the suction rate. Even length of the ducting and number of bends in it affects the extraction rate. Check if it’s possible to somehow alter the ducting run to enhance extraction. 

We hope this comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide will help you in choosing the best range hood for your kitchen.

Best Range Hoods Ranked by CFM Power

Once you have calculated the proper amount of CFM your range hood should have, it is time to pick the best range hood.

Bellow, I have ranked the best range hoods by their CFM power:

600 CFM Range Hood

The Proline Wall PLJW 185 is a perfect choice for those who need a slim range hood that is quite powerful. It uses a 600 CFM blower making it one of the popular option on the market.

600 cfm range hood

The 600 CFM range hood by Proline is an ultra-slim quality product that has been made from stainless steel material.

Its height is 5 inches making it flexible enough to fit anywhere.

It comes with a preinstalled 600 CFM dual blower that is ready to use.

The range hood comes fully assembled in a box and hence enabling you to mount it right away on a wall.

It uses the some of the best baffle filters in the market.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

Some of the features offered by the PLJW 185 unit include:

  • Super slim contour. This under cabinet range hood is among the slimmest in the market and one that will save you space. With only 5 inches in height, 29.5 inches in width, and 19 inches in depth, this unit will fit anywhere. Its style combines with performance to give you one of the best range hoods. 
  • Energy efficient LED bulbs. The unit comes with two 1.5 watts LED bulbs that cast a cool light. These bulbs are not only energy efficient but also very bright. They have the capacity to brighten your entire range top. 
  • Multiple venting outlets. A dynamic design has been used which allows multiple venting outlets. The rear panels can be removed to enable venting at the back or on the top. The size of the rectangular vent duct is 10 by 3 inches. Also included in this design are the baffle filters made from stainless steel material. 
  • Pre-installed blower. This blower has an airflow rating of 600 CFM and outputs 5.0 sones. Despite its high power ratings, it has a very quiet motor. The blower has four-speed settings giving you the flexibility to choose one that suits your needs. 

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance baffle filters
  • Lifelong durability
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • An ultra quiet motor
  • Energy efficient bulbs
  • Relatively expensive
  • The screws are slightly shorter
  • The installation process is not easy


If you need a popular range hood product that is slim and has a strong airflow rating, then the PLJW 185 would be your ideal product. It comes with a blower whose airflow rating is 600 CFM. It has features that are easy to use and maintain.

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400 CFM Range Hood

This is a great product for those people who like modern European style and hotel-like sleek design for an under cabinet range hood. It is an elegant product that suits well within condos and apartments.

400 cfm range hood

The 400 CFM range hood by AKDY has been made using a long-lasting stainless steel material.

It has a black finish and a unique shape that makes it an elegant and attractive product.

It comes with beautiful baffle filters and a push button panel at the front end. This panel gives you multiple options for controlling the range head.

It is generally a stylish, unique, and modern equipment that complements any modern kitchen.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

Some of the features of the AKDY AZ1802 range hood include:

  • 400 CFM blower. The range hood comes with a 280-watt motor that is able to drive a three-speed fan to circulate up to 400 CFM of air. The fan operates at a maximum noise level of slightly 65 dB. A control panel has been included to enable easier operation of the fan. 
  • LED lights. The unit uses two LED lamps to illuminate the entire cooking surface. The wattage of this bulbs is 1.5 watts which are sufficient enough to illuminate the surface during late-night cooking. 
  • Baffle filters. Three baffle filters of stainless steel material have been included to help in cleaning oil particles and keep the kitchen clean. These filters can be cleaned easily using a dishwasher and can be placed back in the unit without much trouble. 
  • Dimensions. The duct size for this unit is 7 inches. For ducting purposes, the minimum drop down height for the exhaust pipe needs to be 3.25 inches. The overall dimension of the product is 29.75 by 22 by 10 inches in width, length, and height respectively. 

Pros & Cons

  • Well constructed using a stainless steel material
  • The fan moves a lot of air and is relatively quiet
  • Made from durable materials
  • The baffle filters are easy to maintain
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • The lights have only one setting for brightness
  • Doesn’t have a mounting bracket
  • There are some sharp edges which can be dangerous during installation


If you need a 400 CFM under cabinet range hoodd, then this is the right product to choose. It combines modern styling and advanced features to give a unique solution for your kitchen. It also uses illuminated baffle filters that are easy to maintain.

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900 CFM Range Hood

This 900 CFM range hood is designed for those who need to elevate their cooking prowess and have the right mix of utility and style. It is a wall mounted unit that comes with a sleek style that easily fits in any kitchen.

900 cfm range hood

The 900 CFM range hood by Cavaliere adopts a traditional design and a modern construction to give you a unit that is both stylish and professional.

It uses a 19 gauge stainless steel material in its construction that gives it a beautiful look.

It also has a dual chamber motor that can efficiently clear the air.

It comes with features like dimmable halogen lights, touch-sensitive keypad, timer function, and mesh grease filters.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

The Cavaliere SV218B2 unit comes with the following features:

  • Centrifugal 900 CFM Blower. The unit comes with a 900 CFM blower that has the capacity to handle any venting needs. The high airflow rating makes it a perfect unit for getting rid of scents and kitchen vapors. 
  • Low-noise motor. Despite the powerful centrifugal blower, the unit is ultra quiet and comes with a 218 watts dual chamber motor. The noise levels for this motor range between 25 dB to 56 dB. This combines with the unit’s 6 speeds to enhance efficiency. 
  • Touch sensitive keypad. An electronic LCD control panel has been included which also comes with a timer function. The LCD keypad has blue lighting to make it easier to read. The timer function enables you to set 30-hour cleaning reminders. 
  • Dimmable halogen lights. The unit accommodates two halogen lights whose wattage is 35 watts. These lights help to illuminate the cooktop area and other surrounding spaces. It operates on a power of 120 volts. 
  • Aluminum mesh filters. The filters used in this unit can capture grease at a highly efficient rate. They are also easy to clean with the help of a dishwasher. 

Pros & Cons

  • A durable range hood made from brushed stainless steel 
  • Low noise levels
  • Comes with a programmable automatic shut-off feature
  • An easy to read keypad
  • It’s quite efficient
  • Slightly expensive
  • The placement of the rear halogen lights makes them somehow dimly lit
  • The plastic clips used on filters can easily melt


If you need a wall mount unit that can be fitted easily in any size of a kitchen, then the Cavaliere SV218B2-30 is worth your consideration. This unit comes with aluminum grease filters, telescopic decorative chimney, 900 CFM motor, and 30-hour cleaning reminder.

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1200 CFM Range Hood

This 1200 CFM range hood by Z Line product has been designed for customers who need an elegant range hood that has superior performance qualities. It is one of the few units on the market that comes with a lifetime warranty motor.

1200 cfm range hood

The Z Line 9667-30 1200 CFM range hood is a professional 30-inch wall mount hood that is made of stainless steel material.

The material used is of 430 grade and gives it an elegant and powerful design.

The durable construction combines with the modern design and a lifetime warranty for the motor to make this unit one of the best on the market.

It has a powerful motor that has the capacity to generate a maximum airflow of between 760 and 1200 CFM.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

  • 4-Speed Motor. The hood comes with a 4-speed high-performance motor that is able to provide the power needed ventilate your kitchen during cooking. There is a fan control that enables you to choose the airflow rating that suits your needs. 
  • 1200 CFM airflow. The maximum airflow for this motor range between 760 and 1200 CFM. The highest speed setting for this unit moves large air quantities away from the cooking area to give you a quiet and efficient cooking environment. The maximum noise level is 56 dB. 
  • Halogen/LED Lighting. The hood comes with an inbuilt halogen lighting which can also be replaced with the included LED bulbs. The lighting helps to illuminate the cooking area as well as its surroundings. Push buttons have been included which can be used to control both the lighting and the fan speed. 
  • Dishwasher-safe baffle filters. These filters are of high quality having been made from stainless steel and they can be easily detached for cleaning purposes. A dishwasher can be conveniently used to clean these filters. 

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra quiet design for the motor
  • Made of high quality and long lasting materials
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compatible with most homes and kitchens
  • Flexibility to choose between 4-speed settings
  • A single light setting with no adjustments
  • May need an extension for proper fitting
  • Quite expensive


If you need a 1200 CFM range hood that has an ultra-modern design, solid construction, and a lifetime warranty motor, then the Z Line 9667-30 is a good choice. It is among the best selling 30-inch models and comes with chimney extensions for up to 12 feet. By acquiring this unit, you are assured of reliable and factory tested performance for many years.

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1000 CFM Range Hood

This 1000 CFM range hood has been designed for those who need a versatile and attractive range hood that can work as either a stand-alone unit or an undercabinet application. The unit has been built to handle some of the most demanding applications.

1000 cfm range hood

The 1000 CFM range hood by Proling has a simple but elegant design with smooth round edges.

It has been designed to perform as either an under cabinet or wall hood. It comes with energy-efficient lights and a 1000 CFM blower.

It is also equipped with stainless steel baffle filters that are safe and easy to clean.

The range hood has two sockets that can be customized to be used as either extra lights or for heat lamps.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Four-speed blower. The unit comes with a powerful airflow rating of 1000 CFM and simple speed control. The control is easy to understand and it allows you to put more focus on the cooking rather than the hood. It also offers you a number of settings for various kitchen tasks. The fan is relatively quiet at both the lowest and the highest settings. 
  • Control panel. The range hood uses a subtle control panel. The panel has some push buttons that are located below the hood’s rim. This gives it a simple design and ensures easy operation. 
  • LED lights. It uses energy efficient LED lamps to illuminate your cooktop area. These lamps are easy to change and provide a perfect lighting solution for any kitchen. 
  • Heat lamp sockets. This product comes with a unique heat lamp socket feature. This feature is not a common thing in most range hood products and it offers the flexibility needed to cooking culinary masterpieces. The unit uses two heat lamp sockets. 

Pros & Cons

  • Durable product made from brushed stainless steel
  • Baffle filters that are easy to clean
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easy installation process 
  • A powerful blower that is relatively quiet 
  • The lights have only one setting
  • Quite expensive 
  • It is bulky and requires extra hands during installation. 


If you need a beautifully packaged 1000 CFM range hood that offers superior quality, intuitive controls, and is easy to install, then this is the right choice for you. This unit comes in a stainless steel packaging and has a seamless design. It has a powerful blower and easy to clean baffle filters.

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300 CFM Range Hood

This 300 CFM range hood has been designed for those who need to add some slim Italian-inspired range hood design to their kitchen. It is a unit that can quickly upgrade the appearance of your kitchen.

300 cfm range hood

The 300 CFM range hood by Ancona is a stylish product made from a highly resistant and strong 430 stainless steel material.

It has been designed to offer continuous air renewal.

This is by removing cooking greases and fumes.

It comes with easy to use electronic controls, 5-layer mesh filters, and time delay function.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Stainless steel construction. This range hood has been made from a high-quality commercial grade stainless steel material. This construction includes rounded quality finishes for the corners and slim design. This makes it fit easily in any standard kitchen cabinetry. 
  • Electronic motor controls. The electronic motor controls that come with this unit offers 4-speed quiet operation and a time delay function. The function turns off the range hood automatically after 10 minutes to eliminate any remaining odors. The noise level for this unit is 2.0 sones for the lowest speed. 
  • Two halogen lights. The unit comes with two halogen lights that are discreetly inset to provide a long-lasting clarity. The wattage for these stylish lights is 20 watts which makes them effective for lighting purposes. 
  • Dimensions. The overall product dimensions are 30 by 19 by 5 inches for the width, depth, and height respectively. An included rectangular flange of dimensions 3.25 by 10 inches gives you the top and rear venting options. The unit weighs about 19 pounds. 

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use electronic controls
  • Uses aluminum filters that are easy to maintain
  • Effective lighting
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • High-quality construction
  • Slightly expensive
  • Conflicting descriptions about the product
  • The installation process is not easy


If you need an under mount unit that can add flavor to your kitchen with an airflow rating of about 300 CFM, then this is the right product to go for. It has been independently tested and comes with a 430 commercial grade stainless steel. To check out this stylish product, click here.

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800 CFM Range Hood

This 800 CFM range hood has been designed for those who need a simple and innovative high airflow ducted range hood that can be installed in a very short time. The model has a slanted housing which provides full coverage for an entire cooking surface.

800 cfm range hood

The BV 30-Inch 800 CFM range hood is a ducted high airflow unit that comes with LED lights and baffle filters.

It has been in a way that makes it easy to disassemble and clean the parts.

Removal of the parts in this unit doesn’t require any specialized tools.

Its slanted housing provides quiet airflow and effective coverage of the cooking surface.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Dual motors. This unit uses dual motors to deliver a high-performance experience to its users. The motor is powerful but silent enough. It is able to move high air volume within a very short time. With this range hood, you get an airflow rating of 800 CFM and output 3.6 sones only even at the fan’s maximum speed. 
  • Three-speed fan. The 3-speed fan comes with an electronic button control to give you easier control, convenience, and versatility required. Whereas the motor input power is 170 watts, the total power input for this unit stands at 174 watts. The power rating is 120 volts. 
  • Stainless steel construction. The body of this range hood comprises an 18 gauge stainless steel material. Its baffle filters are also built from brushed stainless steel metal. The filters together with the oil tray can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. The product dimensions are 30 by 22 by 10 inches in length, width, and height respectively. 
  • High intensity LED lights. The unit uses two high intensity LED lights to assist in illumination. The wattage of this lights is 2 watts which makes them energy efficient enough. 

Pros & Cons

  • Reliable ETL and cUL certified product
  • Comes with a convenient push button
  • Powerful and versatile fan
  • Easy to clean baffle filters
  • Corrosion resistant and rust-free steel construction
  • The sonic alarm has some annoying beeping sound
  • Quite expensive 
  • LED lights are not very bright 


If you need a powerful space saving 800 CFM range hood that has a compact design that can comfortably fit in small applications, then the BV 30-inch unit is an ideal choice. This unit has a powerful motor which helps in the faster movement of high air volumes. It has also been made from a long lasting stainless steel material.

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500 CFM Range Hood

This is an elegant 500 CFM range hood that has been designed for those who need a European style airy model that is not only beautiful but also functional. This unit has an impressive focal point that augments its surrounding in a perfect way.

500 cfm range hood

The 500 CFM range hood by Broan has a modern canopy Italian glass design that is beautiful and functional.

It is made from a standard stainless steel material and it comes with electronic push buttons.

Its design also includes halogen lighting, 3-speed control, timer function, and aluminum mesh filters.

There is also heat sentry feature which detects heat levels and automatically adjusts the blower settings.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

  • 500 CFM internal blower. This is a powerful blower that is located within the range hood. It has been designed to provide a reliable, quiet, and energy efficient cooking environment. The highest airflow rating is 500 CFM while its output is 10 sones. The lowest setting gives about 200 CFM and outputs 2.5 sones. 
  • 3-Speed control. An electronic push-button has been included with 3-speed control. The control uses a blue indicator for speed selection. There is an option of acquiring a remote control to enhance the operation of this unit. A heat sentry feature has been included to detect excessive heat and be able to adjust automatically the speed of the blower. The other control features include filter clean reminder and delay-off function. 
  • Aluminum mesh filters. The unit uses easy to clean aluminum filters. These filters have been designed to operate with Broan’s automatic air dampers. 
  • 3-level halogen lighting. Two 35 watt bulbs have been included in this unit to be able to provide the required illumination. The lights have three intensity settings. The unit also includes a telescopic flue that can accommodate ceiling heights of between 8 to 9 feet. You can also order for customized lengths. 

Pros & Cons

  • Quick release filters
  • Powerful motor
  • Beautiful and stylish construction
  • Innovative controls 
  • A generous 10-year warranty on key parts
  • Quite expensive 
  • There has been complaining of dents during shipping 
  • Doesn’t fit well with a 9-Inch or 10-Inch ceiling 


If you need an elegant 500 CFM range hood that is powerful enough to clear unwanted air pollution and residual heat in your kitchen, then this is the right pick. It has a powerful internal blower, easy to clean filters, and electronic push controls. This unit will definitely increase the value of your kitchen.

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That would be all for now. Thanks for reading!

If you still need any help in choosing or calculating a proper CFM power for your next range hood, be free to comment bellow.

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